10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon You Need to Know

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon You Need to Know

You should never underestimate the power of cinnamon! It can regulate your blood sugar, boost circulation, prevent many diseases, and much more.

Cinnamon brings back the delicious memories of gingerbread cookies and hot teas in the long and cold winter days, yet, it can also be used year-round for its various health benefits.

Historically, cinnamon has also been used in perfume and as holy anointing oil. Today, the usefulness of this wonderful spice is undeniable.

Home remedies and studies have confirmed the numerous health benefits of cinnamon that you certainly need to know.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cinnamon You Need to Know©


1. Cinnamon Improves Your Heart Health

Cinnamon Improves Your Heart HealthMedical News Today

Cinnamon consists of a surprising amount of calcium and fiber which are great for the heart. Ground cinnamon, in particular, contains around 78 milligrams of calcium and 4 grams of fiber per tablespoon. Calcium and fiber help remove bile salts from your body.

These salts can damage your colon cells, which in turn can result in colon cancer. Thus, the fiber in cinnamon can serve as a good cancer preventative. Moreover, when the bile salts are eliminated, your body can break down more cholesterol to produce new bile.

In fact, this process may lower cholesterol levels, which means reducing your risk of developing heart disease.

2. Cinnamon Regulates Your Blood Sugar

Cinnamon Regulates Your Blood Sugar Medical News TodayMedical News Today

According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming 6 grams of cinnamon along with rice pudding lowered after-meal glucose.

The cinnamon also slowed down the process of emptying the pudding from the digestive tract, which prevented high blood sugar levels that occur after a meal.

What’s more interesting is that this may help people with diabetes by regulating their blood sugar levels.

Moreover, according to a study published in Diabetes Care, type 2 diabetics who ate 1 gram of cinnamon per day had lower blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol), and total cholesterol.

3. Cinnamon Improves Your Brain Function

Cinnamon Improves Your Brain FunctionHealth Supplement Buyers Guide

In a study, researchers found that chewing cinnamon gum increased participants’ scores in visual-motor response speed, working memory, virtual recognition memory, and attentional processes. As stated in a neuro-science abstract, just smelling the fragrance of cinnamon improved cognitive processing.

The study also examined the cognitive effect of gum using cherry gum, peppermint gum, and flavorless gum. The result was that cinnamon gum improved cognition the most among all other kinds of gum.

4. New Research: Cinnamon had Positive Effects on Mice with Parkinson’s Disease

New Research Cinnamon had Positive Effects on Mice with Parkinson’s DiseaseNPR

According to a recent study on the health benefits of cinnamon, cinnamon can reverse the biomechanical, anatomical, and cellular alterations that occur in the brains of mice with Parkinson’s disease.

After giving mice ground cinnamon, their bodies metabolized cinnamon into sodium benzoate. The sodium benzoate traveled to the mice’s brains and restricted the loss of Parkin, a protein, and DJ-1, a gene.

Furthermore, sodium benzoate protected neurons and regulated neurotransmitter levels, all of which improved the brain functions of mice in the study.

Researchers concluded that, if these results could be applied to humans who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, then there are chances for great advancement against this harsh neurodegenerative disease.

5. Cinnamon Oil May Treat Infection
Better than Antiseptics

Cinnamon Oil May Treat Infection Better than AntisepticsOrganic Facts

Antibiotic-resistant strains of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) can be catastrophic in hospital environments. Unfortunately, in many cases, patients in the hospital have died from MRSA infections, what’s scary is that these infections were totally unrelated to the main reason for the patients’ hospital admission.

According to a recent study, essential oils, such as cinnamon oil, could serve as an inexpensive antiseptic treatment against pathogens, including MRSA. You may want to consider using a cinnamon oil blend, such as a blend of clove, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, and lemon as an everyday hand sanitizer.

6. Cinnamon May Be Used as a Cold Preventative
and for Upset Stomach

Cinnamon May Be Used as a Cold Preventative and for Upset StomachThe Gym of Avon

In Chinese home remedies, cinnamon is often recommended to prevent and fight off colds. Moreover, the mixture of cinnamon and ginger in tea can be used to relieve an upset stomach.

Traditional medicine had proved that using cinnamon to treat upset stomach as well as prevent cold can be totally safe and effective. This extraordinary spice still has more amazing health benefits to offer! The next one will certainly please you.

7. Cinnamon Can Promote Weight Loss

Cinnamon Can Promote Weight LossEat This, Not That!

According to a 2014-study published in Nature magazine, researchers examined the effect of cinnamon on epithelial mice stomach cells and discovered that cinnamon consumption decreased cumulative food intake. During the study, obese mice that were fed cinnamon extract for 5 weeks had a significantly decreased body weight, also, they experienced an improved glucose tolerance.

8. Cinnamon Can Relieve Symptoms of PMS

Cinnamon Can Relieve Symptoms of PMSWell-Being Secrets

According to a 2015-study involving a sample of Iranian female college students, cinnamon remarkably reduced the duration and severity of menstruation pain when compared with a placebo.

Another study revealed that an aromatherapy abdominal massage using essential oils, including cinnamon with almond as a base, once per day for one week before PMS relieved menstrual pain and decreased the duration of menstrual bleeding.

9. Cinnamon Oil May Stimulate Hair Growth

Cinnamon Oil May Stimulate Hair GrowthOrganic Authority

Besides abdominal massage, you may want to try massaging some cinnamon oil into your scalp to promote hair growth. As stated Francesca Fusco, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, cinnamon oil might act as a good follicle stimulator.

Cinnamon would perhaps help to improve blood flow to hair follicles, she said, and this process is important since proper circulation is vital for healthy hair growth. Although there are no official studies to support her claims, her clients have reported positive results after trying cinnamon scalp massages.

10. Cinnamon Improves Circulation

Cinnamon Improves CirculationThe Independent

One of the most popular benefits of cinnamon is probably the way this warming herb improves circulation. An improved blood circulation is beneficial for the skin, and by consuming cinnamon (drinking cinnamon tea), you can help your skin stay healthy and vibrant.

If you are more of a coffee drinker (like me), then here’s a yummy recipe for you: A Pakistani coffee with cinnamon and cardamom. You’ll need 3 cups of water, 3 cups of milk, 1 cinnamon stick, 5 cracked cardamom pods, and 3 tablespoons of coffee.

Simmer all the ingredients together for 10 minutes. Gently mix the ingredients by ladling the liquid until you combine everything into a frothy and delicious coffee.


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