10 Things Doctors Do To Stay Healthy!

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Whenever we have health issues, we go running for doctor advice. After all, they went to medical school, and they know everything about health. That knowledge reflects on their daily routines, and as medical professionals, they need to be extra healthy and have a strong immune system, because they deal with a lot of microbes and viruses. So here are ten pieces of professional advice on how to stay healthy all year-round.

1. Doctors Wash Their Hands Regularly

This should be common sense, but apparently, it’s not. Good personal hygiene is super important for public health reasons and personal health reasons. Still, your hands serve as a vehicle for a lot of bacteria, and that is why washing your hands regularly is mandatory. Every time you touch a surface on public spaces, and in the absence of hand wash, you can always use hand sanitizer. However, as soon as you can find water and soap, make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

2. Doctors Avoid Touching Their Faces

Like we stated in the previous point, your hands can carry a lot of bacteria, and you won’t even know it. For that reason, you should avoid touching your face, especially your nose, your eyes, and your mouth. Why? Because you never know what you are carrying. Some surfaces can be contaminated with something that makes you ill, or that triggers a rash, for example.

3. Doctors Keep Surfaces Clean And Disinfected

Keeping all surfaces clean and sanitized is a habit that comes with the job. But in their daily lives, doctors are committed to house cleaning, because they are aware of the importance of disinfection. Our naked eye won’t see it, but every surface is hosting a germ party, from our computer keyboard to our kitchen cutting board. Every item that you use continuously should be disinfected now and then, and the area where you do your meals should be cleaned every day.

4. Doctors Practice Regular Exercise

Engaging in physical activity is necessary not only to avoid weight gain but also to avoid any major health problems. There is proof that exercising at least four times a week for periods of 30 to 45 minutes can do wonders for your immune system, not to mention other health aspects like, for example, improving bone health. Even in old age, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle.


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