7 Extraordinary Ways to Run Better In the Heat

Last Updated on February 10, 2021

Are you one of those individuals who see other people running in the heat and asks themselves, “How do they do it?” or “How can running be such a pleasurable sport in this weather? The truth is that running at high temperatures can be very rewarding, especially for your heart health. How to run better in the hottest months of the year? This is what we will show you next by presenting you with the 7 extraordinary ways to run better in the heat – like a pro and with maximum security. These are spectacular running tips that will make you have the best training sessions ever.

1. Adapt To Running and Running Temperature

The benefits of running are extraordinary for the body, as they make sweating more efficient, supply blood cells with nutrients and oxygen, and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. However, regardless of whether it is an asset for heart health, a good run is not the same outdoor workout for everyone. There are people who adapt better than others. Some easily run several kilometers under temperatures above 40 degrees, while others can only endure a few minutes of running when temperatures fluctuate around 30 degrees, for example. But the benefits can be practically the same for both cases. So don’t worry if you run out of breath quickly, run in slow motion, or drag your feet under high temperatures. You do not need to accompany the other runners, but to adapt to the race, the temperature of the race, and, above all, to know your own limits so that the respective physical exercise causes the best results.

2. Control Core Body Temperature

It is perfectly natural that in the beginning, you will not be able to run long distances or will not be able to endure the race for a long time under high temperatures. However, if you are feeling nauseous or dizzy or other signs that you are going to fall, you should stop immediately as it is a sign that you are reaching your limit. Thus, it is necessary for you to practice to find and control the central temperature of your body (even on days with little sun and high humidity, you can have a high central temperature). When you master it or feel comfortable with it, you will definitely improve your performance and endurance. For you to reach a fitness level, it is essential that you find and control the core body temperature, since this is how you will evolve to other levels of demand. After that, and as you continue to run your runs under the influence of high temperatures, you’ll be faster and more energetic than ever.


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