8 Popular Myths about Coffee You Need To Stop Believing


#3 – Is coffee connected to cancer?

Is coffee connected to cancer© The Guardian

Many people assume that coffee is an unhealthy substance that may increase the risk of having cancer. But recent studies have totally confirmed the opposite. The American Institute for Cancer research has included coffee on the list of cancer-fighting foods since it contains a lot of nutrients and high antioxidants.

Saperstein explained that normally cancer starts with damaging our DNA, but the antioxidants included in coffee preserve the DNA cells from any damage and keep them healthy. Also, various studies have declared that coffee could help to decrease the risk of breast, liver, and prostate cancers among many other diseases.


#4 – Is coffee bad for my heart?

Is coffee bad for my heart© civilized.life

It is definitely normal for many healthy people that caffeine may cause a temporary and small increase in their blood pressure rate, but it is not dangerous in the long term.

In fact, scientists have declared that coffee is one of the best nutrients that may help to prevent clogged arteries, heavy coffee drinkers can reinforce a caffeine tolerance and they may not experience any undesired effects after a cup of coffee.

However, people with high blood pressure should discuss with their doctor the possibility of decreasing their caffeine amount, and they should pay special attention to how they feel after drinking a cup of coffee.