Here Are the 10 Health Trends That Will Be Huge in the New Year

Here Are the 10 Health Trends That Will Be Huge in the New Year

You must be tired of diets that always end up in failure or your pants that don’t fit anymore. What a frustration!

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We are all aware of the tons of diet fads that make the news every year. However, this New Year is going to be different. The focus is not on weight loss, rather on health improvement. And as you know, a new year always symbolizes a fresh new start.

Keeping your body and mind in great shape is important for leading a long and happy life. Therefore it’s time to check health and diet trends and pick the right one for you.

Here Are the 10 Health Trends That Will Be Huge in the New Year©

Here are the top 10 hot health trends served for you
on a silver platter


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#1 – Wearable Tech — Making Health Better

Wearable Tech — Making Health Better The Swatch Book

Wearable tech is a smart electronic device that can be worn as an implant or accessory. It is capable of controlling and monitoring several types of bodily systems and functions in real time.
It helps you improve your health and also lose weight in many different ways.

The first thing that wearable tech does is reminding you to exercise regularly and track what you consume. Meaning, wearable tech applies this rule to your life” the human body is what it consumes” therefore it monitors your daily fat and sugar intakes. This way, it helps you shed fat more easily.

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The second benefit of wearable tech is that it fits in our lives without much effort or struggle and offers a wide variety of applications that you just need to pick the one that goes with your health objectives. These applications are actually made to help you do more, to move ahead and of course, achieve your goals in a short period of time.

#2 – Health is a Long-term Objective

Health is a Long-term ObjectiveShape Magazine

Focus on your health and not on your weight loss. Be sure that no one will write your health future but you. Oh, yes if you don’t monitor the amount of fat and salt you are taking in your daily diet then your future is undoubtedly heart disease, stroke, and arterial diseases.

Again, this trend is not about how many pounds you will lose at the end of the week or by the end of the month, it is rather about creating and improving a lifestyle that promotes health and makes of it a long-term objective.

One great benefit of this trend is that the weight loss comes naturally and automatically and it is more sustainable than dieting. It is also worth mentioning that when we lose fat we gain health and we tend to live better, healthier, and happier lives.

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#3 – Mediterranean Diet

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The Mediterranean diet, or Med Diet, is a diet that focuses on the lower portion of the food pyramid. It reflects a traditional way of eating in the countries that surround the Mediterranean.
It has such remarkable health benefits and is very easy to bring. You don’t need to travel any further but to the nearest supermarket in your neighborhood.

The idea behind this diet is to replace the bad and unhealthy fat, for example, that we can find in butter and replace them with those that are unsaturated like in olive oil in order to create a certain balance and therefore gain heart health.

In addition to this, Med Diet replaces the meat proteins with those from plants to give you a boost of vitamins and minerals that will help your body work more efficiently. The good thing about this diet is that it promotes weight loss while your caloric intake remains healthy.

#4 – High-intensity Workouts — Burning Brighter

High-intensity Workouts — Burning Brighternaturalfitness77

Spending almost all of your day at work, you have totally forgotten about something called the gym. I mean you are short on time and basically have no time to spend in long exercise sessions. Well, it’s not that complicated, we have a better suggestion for you.

So, instead of spending two hours at the gym, you can only take half an hour of your time to burn calories, tone your body, and gain stamina. Is that even possible? Oh, yes Cross Fit sessions can do all this magic to your body.

Cross Fit is a high-intensity work out that can be done in a very short period of time and is highly recommended for people who cannot commit to regularly go to the gym. It also goes perfectly with diets such us Mediterranean diet where healthy consumption generates natural weight loss.

#5 – Adding Apps to Lose Weight

Adding Apps to Lose WeightChatelaine

Unlike diets and exercise programs, apps can underlie issues. There are millions and billions of applications out there that can help you target the issue you have and help you fix it. All you need to do is look for the one that can help you most in targeting the habits that need to be corrected.

There are plenty of different apps, each with its own unique perspective on helping you lose weight, get over eating issues, and gain health. The interesting thing about such apps is that you can pair them with better and greater results.

Two methods are better than one, right! You can, for example, pair an app that would help you quit smoking with another that helps choose foods when you feel the need to graze.

#6 – Focus on Strength Building

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Focus on Strength Buildinghumanfitproject

The obsession of getting the sexiest, biggest, and most muscled body will no longer exist in 2018. People now are aware that strength is a far different beast than we’ve been taught. The focus of trends for the year 2018 will be on building strength rather than burning carbs.

This switch is very positive because people will be more concerned with eating a sensible diet and pair it with suitable exercises in order to build a strong body that fits its frame and not a bulky one.

#7 – Putting Yourself in Nature

Putting Yourself in NatureDeliberate Life Wellness

All kinds of outdoor activities are recommended in 2018. People are giving up the treadmills and elliptical machines, and are exercising out instead. It’s time to take your games out to the green wild spaces, parks, and the fresh open air.

This trend has been slowly growing up over the last decade and the idea behind it is to target the enhancement of your entire being and not only shedding fats and burning calories. It focuses in dragging you out to the fresh air and the beautiful nature in order to help you boost your mood and give you a chance to breathe fresh air for your lungs and the exhilaration of nature.

Plus, doesn’t an awe-inspiring mountain view sound much more exhilarating than your gym’s television screen? It’s worth trying, right?

#8 – The Mind Diet

The Mind DietReader’s Digest

The Mind diet stands for Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet. It is so much like other healthy meals plan such as the Mediterranean diet but with a different approach that specifically focuses on the foods and nutrients that medical literature and data show to be good for the health and brain function, such as berries.

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The daily food choices you make might lower the risk of getting Alzheimer disease. So, Mind Diet is another great reason why people are invited to start eating healthy, especially those concerned about dementia-related diseases.

According to the results published by Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, the study, which is peer-reviewed, showed that the MIND diet had a very positive effect on decreasing mental decline. Therefore, researchers are helping people and encouraging them to take proactive steps toward the reduction of dementia.

#9 – Looking at Genetic Barriers to Weight Loss and Disease

Looking at Genetic Barriers to Weight Loss and DiseaseTime Magazine

It has become clear for so many people that their genetic code can be responsible for some issues they have with losing weight and also can predict any possible chances of developing diseases such as cancer and autoimmune.

Today, things have changed thanks to the power of science and people are able to finally overcome health concerns. People, for instance, can get over the barriers that make their weight loss struggle even harder with simple adjustments to hormones.

Another example can be found within our genetic code in the form of predictors and indicators for long-term health problems such as heart disease. Therefore, the more proactive people are in approaching how they live, the more is the impact of those diseases is reduced.

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#10 – Group Sessions for Exercise

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Group Sessions for ExerciseHealthifyMe

This New Year will bring much more different and exciting things for you to try. So, be open to new challenges and new experiences. Losing weight is quite a hard challenge. It requires lots of patience as well as time and this is one of the major reasons why people stop trying. They stop being motivated once they fail to meet their expectations and find themselves unable to reach their weight loss goals.

The trend for 2018 brings a new idea which is more effective and more fun. It is about teaming up to lose weight and determine “the biggest loser”. Working in a team will keep you motivated enough to give more and always push yourself further and further no matter what the results are.

One great benefit of a team session is that it makes you view things differently, it teaches you that weight loss and health are not just about you but rather about the ability to believe that you can do it and you can succeed. United we stand, divided we fall!

Lose it! I’m sure you can do it if you have a little bit of patience and a strong determination. Focus on your overall health, track your food and exercise regularly, walk more and sit less, take yourself out to the fresh air and the green nature. And most importantly, stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve bigger goals.


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