What Can Your Feet Reveal About Your Health?

#1 – If you Notice: Dry, Flaky Feet

If you Notice Dry, Flaky Feet© Podiatry Clinic Singapore

It could be: Thyroid problems

Generally, your feet can reveal the early signs of a Thyroid problem (the gland that has the shape of a butterfly at the center of the neck) which may occur via severe dryness of the skin.

Normally, when the thyroid gland doesn’t fully provide thyroid hormones that control blood pressure, tissue growth, skeletal and nervous development, and the metabolic rate, it causes sharp dehydration of the skin that cannot be moisturized by any cream.

Marlene Reid, a foot expert in Naperville, Illinois said: “when the moisturizer doesn’t enhance feet dryness for a few days, it is highly recommended for patients to go to the doctor to check their thyroids; brittle toenails can also reflect thyroid issues”.

#2 – If you notice: Bald Toes

If you notice Bald Toes© Reader’s Digest

It could be: Arterial disease

If your toes hair has suddenly disappeared, it could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease that causes poor blood circulation. According to Suzanne Fuchs, a podiatric operator at the North Shore University Hospital in New York, PAD signs include purplish toes, diminution of hair growth on the ankles and feet, and shiny skin.

The accumulation of plaque in the leg arteries affects more than 8 million Americans per year. Generally speaking, the disease symptoms are ambiguous, but doctors can check it up on an X-ray examination.