The Most Effective Japanese Technique That Will Help You Relax In 5 Minute

#1 – Your Fingers Hold The Secret!


Your Fingers Hold The Secret 1© BrightSide

Yes, you read it right! Your fingers actually hold the key to the ultimate confidence and relaxation. In fact, each of the fingers in our hands represents a different kind of emotion or feeling.

Hence, to learn how you can control these emotions and quickly reground yourself to feel more relaxed and confident, we decided to provide you with this quick and useful background :

The Thumb: This finger can help you fight all those negative emotions of worry and anxiety that you might be experiencing.

The Index Finger: This one helps you control your fears and even get rid of them.

The Middle Finger: helps you put your anger, rage, and bitterness under control.

The Ring Finger: will help you fight melancholy and depression in order to be more decisive.

The Pinky: It helps you relieve stress, calm anxiety, and boost your optimism and self-esteem levels.