The Most Effective Japanese Technique That Will Help You Relax In 5 Minute

The Most Effective Japanese Technique That Will Help You Relax In 5 Minute (1)

The Most Effective Japanese Technique That Will Help You Relax In 5 Minute (1)© Pinterest

We have all felt stress in one way or the other at some point in our lives! Stress is not always bad and sometimes can be really positive and can help us rise to meet challenges and motivate us to do even better and this only happens when stress is in small doses.

However, when we tend to frequently and constantly run in emergency mode, stress stops being helpful and start negatively influencing our wellness by causing us serious health damages at the level of our mood, productivity, relationships, and the quality of life.

Therefore, stress tends to get even more dangerous and develop into something really chronic, especially if it is left untreated. Depression, anxiety, stroke, heart attack, nausea, and many other scary health complications start to appear! Hence, it is extremely important to treat it before it’s too late!

In fact, there are many simple ways that can help you cope with stress, including, regular exercise, yoga, massages, and more! But today, we like to share something really different and special. This is an ancient, Japanese self-relaxation technique that was proved to do magic!

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#1 – Your Fingers Hold The Secret!


Your Fingers Hold The Secret 1© BrightSide

Yes, you read it right! Your fingers actually hold the key to the ultimate confidence and relaxation. In fact, each of the fingers in our hands represents a different kind of emotion or feeling.

Hence, to learn how you can control these emotions and quickly reground yourself to feel more relaxed and confident, we decided to provide you with this quick and useful background :

The Thumb: This finger can help you fight all those negative emotions of worry and anxiety that you might be experiencing.

The Index Finger: This one helps you control your fears and even get rid of them.

The Middle Finger: helps you put your anger, rage, and bitterness under control.

The Ring Finger: will help you fight melancholy and depression in order to be more decisive.

The Pinky: It helps you relieve stress, calm anxiety, and boost your optimism and self-esteem levels.


#2 – How To Perform The Ancient Japanese Therapy On Yourself?


How To Perform The Ancient Japanese Therapy On Yourself© BrightSide

Now, that you have formed an idea about your fingers and the emotions they represent, it’s time to learn about how to correctly use the ancient Japanese therapy to achieve the desired results.

In fact, this method is easy, short, and can be just as effective in only 5 minutes at a time. What’s even good about this magical self-healing and self-relaxing therapy is that you can do it anywhere and anytime you have both hands free and no one would ever notice, which is really cool, right!

Here Are The Steps :

Remember, your goal is to balance all the opposing energy forces in your body. Hence, to start we suggest that you first take one finger at a time, then, grasp it with the opposite hand, and finally wrap all your fingers and thumb around it.

Good now while you are doing so, make sure you hold each finger for about 1 to 2 minutes until you feel the pulse! Only when you feel a pulsating sensation, then, you can be sure that you are using this magical technique correctly!

The same technique can be used to calm your mind and help it relax from all the wear and tear of everyday life. To make this happen, you just need to slightly press in the center of your palm with the thumb of the opposite hand and remain in that position for some couple of minutes.

This shall help you become a better person with balanced spirit and be also able to effectively handle all the negative emotions and make them under good control.

Guess what? You can also teach this to your loved little ones to help them manage their own emotional states. You will never regret it and you be really grateful for taking such decision.

For a better understanding, we suggest that you check Youtube or very simply google this old and effective self-healing Japanese therapy and you will find plenty of tutorials showing you all the aforementioned steps in action! Good luck!



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