10 Food You Thought Were Healthy But Are Actually Not


Every one of us often thinks or is thinking about how to eat healthier, and what kind of food to add or avoid. You may sit down and make a very healthy shopping list, while it may unfortunately contain very unhealthy foods that can do you more harm than good.

Some of us may have made many lists always for the same reason that the previous one didn’t seem good enough.


You might make a newer list after checking out this list of 10 harmful foods that were mistaken for healthy ones in Next Page.

#1- Fruit Juice


The amount of sugar in a juice is the main problem that can lead to more weight and high blood sugar. If you are a juice lover or have the habit of drinking more than one glass of juice a day, you should know that it contains as much sugar as we can find in a soda !

Although juice has important antioxidants, you be just better off eating unsqueezed piece of fruit. The fibber in a fruit lowers the rate in which sugar is absorbed into our blood steam. A whole fruit can save you health and time.

#2- Energy/Protein Bars


The consume of protein/energy bars along with regular exercise is not as healthy as you think it is. The big surprise is that these bars contain the same amount of sugar as in a regular candy bar. All same, all same.They also consist of fractional oils, protein isolates and unlimited preservatives. A must take off your food list right away.

#3- Breakfast Cereal

breakfast cereal with fruit and milk leadsasa

Since childhood, everybody believes that having cereals at breakfast is healthy, especially with the big ads on the box describing its benefits such as vitamins and minerals.

Well, it is not a healthy food! The famous breakfast cereals are sugar laden, have man-made injected vitamins and have nothing to do with being natural. It is to remove from any healthy diet and keep it as away as possible from children because they may overdose on these vitamins.

#4- Low Fat Yogurt


According to a study in EJN (European Journal of Nutrition), comparing people who consume full-fat yogurt and low-fat yogurt, the full-fat category happened to be less likely to be obese or suffer from cardio problems. The problem is not the fat, it is the amount of sugar added to your yogurt ! You can purchase no sugar brands and add some honey if it’s too sugarless for you.

#5- Agave

Fresh aloe leaf with water drop .
You may see it in the health food sections at grocery stores, and may also add it to your tea or on your pancakes. Agrave is about 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and contains much more fructose. As a sugar substitute, it does more harm to you metabolic system that sugar, and if used often can damage you liver and lead to diabetes. Try to generally avoid any healthy sweetener.

#6- Whole Wheat Bread


If you eat real whole wheat bread, then you can notice if tasted more like white bread. It’s a whole unhealthy and deseptive marketing to promote certain brands, these companies add just some little bit of wheat flour and call it healthy !

The refined wheat bread is nothing like hearty real one, and nothing guarentees the 100% whole grain marks. Just check ingredients for higher fibber content.

#7- Vegetable Oil


Drived from vegetables, but not as healthy as it seems. While a good cellular fonctioning must keep a balance between Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids, vegetable oils are rich of Omega-6 fatty acids.

This means having unbalanced fats in your body which can cause inflammation and then help develop a chronic disease. Go for olive, coconut and avocado oil, and forget about oils such as soybean, sunflower and cottonseed.

#8- Certified « Gluten Free » Products


Gluten is confused to be healthy due to the « gluten free » sign, while it actually is nothing but a protein that can be found in wheat and other grains, as it is a vital component in things like cookies, bread and pasta.

The thing is that some people are sensitive or allergic to gluten, and in worse cases are diagnosed with Celiac Disease meaning they can’t digest gluten. So, gluten-free products are not necessarly healthy food.

#9- Certified « Vegan » Products


Vegans can be very healthy if they regularly consume whole food and plant their own veggies, but those who cut out animal products and start devouring processed substitues are not that healthy.

To make it more clear, let’s take for example, processed began bacon, it contains all kinds of fillers and weird vegan ingredients, such a thing should not be in any health concious household. Try to have veggies, grains and fruits instead, they are absolutely vegar.

#10- Certified « Organic » Products


This is the most shocking one. Buying organic seems a good idea, but not if you end up with processed organic products. Processed with organic ingredients is still processed and can contain unwanted ingredients! Your organic bars, cookies or cereals will still contain sugar !

Never forget to read the ingredients, and remember that the better the product, the less are its ingredients.


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