8 Of The Most Shocking Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat Garlic Everyday

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

We have all tried garlic and we all have an opinion about it. Some people feel like it is a little intense and others can’t enjoy a meal without it. In both cases, garlic is extremely healthy for our bodies and it is a must to be consumed by all of us daily.

Let’s be honest, when garlic is used with other foods, the taste just become glorious, I mean, have you ever had garlic bread? It is like it is been sent from above to make our taste buds pleased by the angels.

But somehow, when garlic is consumed by itself, it is a little too strong than what we can normally handle, and let’s not forget the smell, too. But when you know its benefits and how your body can be transformed into a health king/queen, you will actually be capable to handle its strong taste.

#1 – You become more attractive

Believe it or not, garlic can make men look more attractive. Yup!

Garlic was always considered as a turn off due to the strong smell that discourages any type of communication, but according to some studies, eating two cloves of garlic 12 hours before a date will make the woman impressed, and the smell will already be long gone!

These studies found out that women adore the men’s odor after they eat garlic. Although scientists find it hard to understand this phenomenon, the reason could be hidden in the antimicrobial properties that make the sweat smell a lot less sharp.

#2 – A better immune system

Garlic is capable to protect us from different colds and viruses, in fact, that’s what our grandparents have taught us, and scientists confirm it. Consuming garlic regularly can prevent all kinds of sickness during winter because it contains high levels of beneficial oils, amino acids, and a bunch of vitamins.

Also, garlic has allicin, which is an organic pound that kills fungi and bacteria. However, the allicin is formed when the plant cells are being cut or pressed, so make sure that the garlic is fresh.

#3 – A balanced blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, then you can add garlic to your diet to stabilize it. It can make the vessels widen and decrease the arterial pressure. High blood pressure can cause the load on the heart, as well as headaches, and the garlic can help make both of them disappear.

So if you want to cure hypertension, then you should consume 4 garlic gloves daily. Moreover, the garlic can lower the bad cholesterol in your blood up to 15%. In other words, the risk of getting a stroke or a heart disease decreases by nearly a double.

However, make sure to consult your doctor before you start popping garlic gloves down your throat as this can’t be the only therapy or dietary supplement for better health.

#4 – Better memory

There is a theory in which the human brain and body age because of a chemical oxidation reaction to when we consume oxygen and foods to produce energy. With time, this process destroys the cells, the skin starts getting saggy, and the brain loses its sharpness.

There are antioxidants that can deal with the excessive oxidation and allow you to maintain your youth.

In case you didn’t know, pharmaceutical companies use those antioxidants to create supplements and sell them for crazy money. So why would you do that when you can have garlic for a better price?

Old people who are used to eating garlic have fewer chances of developing the Alzheimer’s, while young people can increase the productivity of their brain and develop their memory. Simply, just eat garlic daily!

#5 – An increased stamina

Your heart and muscles would work much better if you consumed garlic daily. If you exercise, then be sure that the results will be more impressive. In ancient Greece, Olympic sportsmen used to eat anything with garlic to help improve their performance and to run longer.

But even if you have nothing to do with sports, the garlic would still manage to reduce your stress, help you survive the cold season, and increase your productivity. In other words, your body will be in better shape!

#6 – Better skin and hair

– Skin: the cells that are responsible for skin renewal, Fibroblasts, can be affected positively by garlic. If you eat 2 garlic cloves daily, then it will promote the production of natural elastin and collagen.

– Hair: It is known that garlic promotes hair growth and make it thicker, longer, and healthier. To achieve the desired results, you should apply it to the scalp. If you are too lazy to do that or too scared for the smell to linger on, then the manufacturers of cosmetics learned how to create odorless garlic oil for the hair.

– Sun protector: by consuming one garlic every day, its components protect you from photo-aging. Plus, the sun rays will not dry your skin!

#7 – Reduced toothache

Minus the strong smell, garlic is extremely good for our oral health due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. The harmful microbes that live within our mouths would be killed and the inflamed gums would be healed.

Plus, garlic has a great power to decrease the risk of cavities and any a toothache. So if you start consuming it on a daily basis, your dentist will not be seeing you very often.

#8 – Weight loss

If you are watching your figure or trying to lose weight, then garlic is perfect for you, and this is why:

1 – Ajoene is the result of some complex chemical reactions that can activate special ferments in your blood while destroying fatty deposits, which could mean the anti-fat medicine will soon be made out of garlic, and you should be taking advantage already!

2 – Garlic is capable to block the weight gain when an improper or imbalanced diet comes through. So it burns the excess calories that you put inside your body. Remember this only works if you consumed enough garlic daily!


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