20 Deadly Reasons to Never Drink Coca Cola or Any Other Soda Ever Again

The average person in the US consumes over 126 grams of sugar a day, equal to drinking a bit over three 12 ounce colas, according to Euromonitor.

It’s not okay to drink soda every day, even if you exercice and burn off the calories. Regular consumption of soda is directly linked to so many health problems, and multiple studies have shown the terrible health effects.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you will never put
soda near your mouth again :

1. Soda can cause kidney failure


Soda can cause a decline in kidney function. According to a Harvard Medical School study, diet cola is related to a two-fold increased risk for kidney failure. This study took 11 years and included 3,318 women.

2. Soda raises diabetes risk


The high levels of sugar in soda put on plenty of stress on your pancreas, which make it unable to keep up with your body’s need for insulin. To drink one or two sugary drinks per day will increase your risk fot type 2 diabetes by 25%.

3. Soda cans are lined with BPA


BPA is the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A, which has been connected with every health problem, from heart disease to obesity to reproductive troubles. Soda cans are basically coated with BPA.

4. Soda dehydrates you


Soda has caffeine, and caffeine is a diuretic. Diuretics increase the production of urine, making you urinate more frequently. When your body’s cells become dehydrated, they can’t preperly absorb nutrients and it makes it harder for your body to eliminate waste.

5. Caramel coloring in soda promotes cancer


The caramel coloring in colas is not actually made from caramelized sugar, it is a chemical process made by reacting sugars with sulfites and ammonia exposed to high temperature and pressure.

This process results in the formation of some elements that cause liver, lung, or thyroid cancer.

6. Caramel coloring in soda promotes vascular issues


According to the director of Inflammatory Risk Cardiology at the University of Pennsylvania, there is a connection between caramel-containing products and vascular problems.

7. Soda is high in calories


Basically, a 20 ounce Coca Cola can contains 17 teaspoons of sugar, which means 240 calories. A big load of empty calories without any tiny nutritional value.

8. Caffeine in soda blocks magnesium absorption


Magnesium is crucial for over 325 enzyme reactions in a human’s body, and as it helps in your body’s detoxification processes, it is really important to minimize damage environmental chamicals, such as heavy metals and other toxins.

9. Soda increases obesity risk in children


Any sugary drink consumed in a day increases the risk of a child to become obese by almost 60%. Not only obesity, soda is linked to other serious health problems and is the last thing to give someone in their childhood.

10. Soda increases heart disease in men


Every one soda consumed per day is likely to promote the risk of heart disease by 20% particularly in men.

11. The acid in soda ruins dental enamel


Lab tests on the acidity of soda reveals that the soda has enough amount of acid to wear away dental enamel. The pH levels found in a soda can get as low as 2.5, while for example, water has a pH of 7.0.

12. Soda contains artificial sweeteners


A lot of people opt for artificial sugar to lower their caloric intake, however, it’s not so sweet for their health. Artificial sugars are linked to so many serious illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

13. Soda drains your mineral levels


Following a study of a thousand men and women, Tufts University researchers have found that women who consumed 3 or more cola-based sodas per day, had nearly 4% lower bone mineral density in their hips, noting that researchers controlled their calcium and vitamin D intake.

14. Soda changes your metabolism


According to the director of the Health Ecercise and Rehabilitation group at Bangor University, drinking soda on a regular basis can change the human body’s metabolism.

Participants in the study drank 140 grams of sugar every days during 4 weeks, which is less than two 20 ounce cans of coke, and it resulted in their metabolism change making it harder for them to burn fat and lose weight.

15. Soda increases risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome


According to a Medicine instructor at Harvard Medical School, If you drink one or more soft drinks on a daily basis, you can be increasing your risk of developing metabolic danger factors for heart disease.

Researchers have also revealed that people who consume one or more sodas per day have their risk of metabolic syndrome increased by 48%, compared to those who consume less than one soda daily.

16. Diet soda does not help you lose weight


A study of Texas Health Science Center have found that the more diet sodas you drink, the greater is your risk to become overweight. Drinking two or more cans of soda per day increases weistlines by 500% more than those who don’t drink diet soda.

17. Diet soda contains mold inhibitors


Mold inhibitors go by the names sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate, and are used in almost all diet sodas. These chemicals can cause serious damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the extent that they inactivate it altogether.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the same perspective has been linked as well to asthma, hives and other allergic conditions.

18. Soda containing ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate can form benzene


When benzoate is exposed to heat and light in the presence of vitamin C, it turns into benzene, which is a known carcinogen (any substance that is a direct agent involved in causing cancer).

19. Soda is linked to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


A study including 2,634 people, who completed a CT scan to calculate the amount of fat in the liver, showed higher prevalence of NAFLD among individuals who claimed drinking more than one sugary drink per day, compared to those who didn’t.

20. Some sodas contain flame retardant


Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is joined with several citrus-based sodas and sports drinks, in order to keep the drinks from separating. The bad thing is that BVO is patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant, and is banned in more than 100 countries, however is still used in the United States.


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