10 Worst Effects of Fast Food

Fast food can save your time, but is definitely not the proper way for nutrition. From soft drinks to candies and burgers, most of these fast foods are of little to no nutritional value, and are often high in fat, sugar and calories.

What we eat must be chosen wisely, because it always affects our health in many ways. The worse is the food, the more harmful it is to health. Here, we discuss many common diseases and side effects caused by fast food. Take a look !

10- Obesity


Obesity is simply a body that is overloaded with fat, and is not the same as being overweight. Fast food contains high levels of calories and sugar, that increases weight gain, even when taken in small amounts.

As it also can take place of healthy eating habits, since people who consume fast food are less likely to eat fruits, veggies, milk etc. Replacing healthy eating habits with fast food can very easily lead to obesity.

9- Heart Disease


People who consume fast food four to five times a week, boost their risk of dying from heart disease by 80%. Fast food can put your life at risk because of its high levels of saturated or trans fat, which ruin the arteries and, over time, contribute to high cholesterol levels, and then heart disease.

8- Type 2 Diabetes


Many busy people who seek a fast alternative to cooking at home, end up by following a fast-food way of life. Such a lifestyle may lead to type 2 diabetes, the type of diabetes that is often associated with poor lifestyle choices, such as bad eating habits and not being physically active, as well as with obesity.

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7- Peptic Ulcer


Peptic ulcer disease, also known as PUD and is known for being extremely painful. Many doctors believed, for a long time, that most ulcers are caused by stress, alcohol and spicy foods. Actually, some fast foods can also cause Ulcer, such as pizza, chips and salted snacks.

6- Lack of Family Gathering


Fast food decrease the opportunities for family members to settle and eat together in one place. Every one can buy it on their way or during work hours, and meals are no longer taken wisely. Fast food is highly lacking that healthy satisfaction of a full homemade meal.

5- Irregular Timing of Eating


A healthy body requires fresh food and proper eating time. Fast food can be consumed any time, any where and as many times as the person desires, which means total chaos. While homemade food can be more regular and organized, because it’s often served at specific times, which provides opportunity to enjoy meals and rest after eating.

4- Waste of Money


Money spent on junk food is way too much, compared to the one spent on home prepared food. People with low incomes can hardly afford frequent use of fast food, and people who can afford it can spend a lot of budget as well as lose their healthy bodies.

3- Loss of appetite


Healthy food naturally contains appetizers which are not properly present in fast food, thus regular use of unhealthy food may cause loss of appetite, digestion problems and sometimes food poisoning. Fast food can never satisfy all needs for a healthy stomach.

2- Lack of Essential Nutrients


Properly balanced meals can contain all the essential elements that are necessary for a healthy and well-functioning body. Fast food, on the other hand, hardly consists of any of these elements but is rather loaded with fat and sugars. To avoid a severe disorder, try to have various and fulfilling healthy foods.

1- Stress


Foods that are rich in fat, are the main reason for many diseases related to liver, heart, blood vessels and more. As it also boosts the levels of stress. Certain foods and drinks work as strong stimulants to the body and are a direct cause of stress.

For example, caffeine, saturated fats, processed foods or products containing synthetic additives. It is all about healthy lifestyle choices!


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