10 Worst Types of Women You Need to Avoid

Some women are attracted to ‘bad boys,’ and sometimes men are attracted to the ‘bad girls’, who can make their lives hard and miserable. Marriage is a big deal, yet, some people still want to ignore the red flags and stay blinded by the sweet lust. Unfortunately, lust never lasts.

You need to marry the right person who feels and acts right. This should be a woman who will always be there for you and whom you can count on in better and worst.

Of course, nobody is perfect, but there are a few important things that would negatively affect a relationship if a man decides to marry a woman with some not-so-great characteristics.

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Here are the 10 types of women a man should never
think about making a wife




  1. You forgot about the codependent woman. You will never find time to just be you with this kind of woman. She constantly needs you to be by her side and feels betrayed if you don’t fulfill this need. She is not strong enough to stand on her own when the storms of life set in and will only drain the strength out of her partner as he tries to appease her.
    Yes, being married does mean that you become one, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of your individuality. After all, it is the individual strengths of both partners, combined with a drive toward a common goal that make for a strong marriage.

  2. Don’t forget the phony sweetheart. This woman comes across as sweet and loving but you must act and be exactly as she wants you. Otherwise she will turn on you at the most inopportune time. She will lie constantly only to keep you there because she is using you until you have outlived your usefulness. Then comes the hostile rejection. If you try to even be a friend the lies continue with a coldness that cuts deeply. She is only interested in what she wants and you are a means of getting that. Her interests are only physical and material.