10 Worst Types of Women You Need to Avoid

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Some women are attracted to ‘bad boys,’ and sometimes men are attracted to the ‘bad girls’, who can make their lives hard and miserable. Marriage is a big deal, yet, some people still want to ignore the red flags and stay blinded by the sweet lust. Unfortunately, lust never lasts.

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You need to marry the right person who feels and acts right. This should be a woman who will always be there for you and whom you can count on in better and worst.

Of course, nobody is perfect, but there are a few important things that would negatively affect a relationship if a man decides to marry a woman with some not-so-great characteristics.

Marriage 10 Worst Types of Women You Need to Avoid©

Here are the 10 types of women a man should never
think about making a wife


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#1 – The Bitter Woman

The Bitter WomanEl Salvador

This is the woman who always seems to be angry at all men all the time. She has probably had her heart terribly broken way too many times or has kept falling for the wrong guys, but this type of women is always insulting men and talking about how they are totally useless, heartless, and dumb.

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A man may not want to settle down with a woman like this because she’ll always be bitter and when the opportunity arises, she wouldn’t hesitate to throw hurtful insults and intense words on him due to all her extreme and unresolved anger.

#2 – The Selfish Woman

The Selfish WomanDesignTAXI

If you want a joyful home and a loving partner who wants your happiness and love you through the good and bad, then you absolutely should stay away from the selfish woman.

Such a woman is constantly determined and focused on ensuring she always comes first, thus you will always come last and she’ll never be able to offer you the affection and attention that form a healthy marriage.

This woman will not be able to establish a loving home with you since all she really cares about is herself and herself alone.


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