A lot of people admire six-packs abs due to their vigorous posture and better muscle tone exhibited, this admiration has led to various workouts assumed as the only way of achieving this. Although, lot of workouts have helped in improving health and fitness of the body likewise six-pack abs, nutrition strategies such as right intake of proper diets also needs to be considered when planning to have these killer abs.
Hence, the question arises that what food should we avoid to have six-packs abs? These foods are not far-fetched as they are mostly consumed and found easily in all works of life which may make workouts for development of six-packs frustrating.

However, we have painstakingly identified some common foods which frustrates the development of six-packs abs. These common foods include:

Processed Foods


Sausages, bacons and Salami are common types of processed foods which contain high carbohydrate (sugar) which contributes too much weight gain. Much sugar in the body leads to excess calories which is later turned to fat for storage leading to fat accumulation in the system. In order to avoid this, processed foods should be limited in order to increase killer abs.


drinks on a bar

They are made up of sugar and ethanol. It’s scientifically known according to research that alcohol intake inhibits growth hormones such as testosterone which helps in building muscles and burning of fat due to its sugar and alcohol content. Drinking alcohol after or before eating food is most common amongst people which leads to further excess of fat accumulation. Wine or drinks less in carbohydrates or sugar should be encouraged for consumption by people intending to have killer six packs. However, water remains the best option which not only aids digestion but also flushes excess fat leading easier breaking down of fat in the body system.

Fatty foods


High calories are mostly found in fatty foods due to presence of unsaturated fats. This may lead to high cholesterol in the body making you gain more weight than usual which reduces the chances of building six packs. High cholesterol in the body in the body seldom lead to various heart disease, hardening of heart vessels and sometimes cancer. Cooking with heated oil can lower the nutritional value leading to improper digestion, hence frying of foods should also be limited. Example of fatty foods include butter, margarine, peanuts and cheese.

Sugary Foods


Most of foods and drinks today are made of sugar. This is a major concern for people trying to build six packs. Sugar as explained earlier if not controlled may lead to excess fat accumulation in the body. When the body takes in sugar, Insulin which is the hormone responsible for burning of sugar works on the needed while the excess is stored as fat in the body. This will definitely frustrate the chance of building six packs.

Junk Foods


Due to busy schedule and easy accessibility, junk foods have been the order of the day. Too much of junk foods contain has high amount of sugar, salt and sometimes fat which may frustrate the toning of muscles. Although, consumption of junk foods may give immediate satisfaction, its end result may be harmful due to its low nutritional value. Excessive junk foods in the body increases the level of blood sugar in the body system which in turn leads to excessive fat accumulation. Junk food such as chips, crackers, pizza, ice-cream etc. which are common and easily accessible needs to be limited in consumption or else building of six packs may not come into reality.


With normal workouts and proper diets, achieving six packs may come to reality. However, self-discipline and consciousness of what we eat should be taken into consideration. Building of six packs offer a lot of advantages apart from the body posture and great muscle tone in terms of body health and good sexual life.