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8 Exercises To Beat Back Pain

Back pain is a discomfort experienced at the back just on the shoulder blade and below it. The pain can be sharp cutting across the upper back region.

What Causes Back Pain?

Anyone can get back pain. The old and the young can have back pain. Lack of physical fitness can cause back pain. Overweight is also a contributory factor to back pain.

Hereditary can cause back pain. Hereditary diseases like spondylitis, arthritis of the spine can be inherited.There are some diseases like cancer and arthritis that can cause back pain.

Age is also a factor, older people are more prone to chronic back pain than your persons. It is because the body cells of older people are aging and thus reduces its ability to withstand long time stress. The type of job you do can cause you back pain.

If you are engaged in a type of job that requires physical strength like push, pull, heavy loads that cause strain to the back or you sit on the chair for a long period of time without stretching for a while can leads to acute back pain.

Smoking has shown to assist the prevalence of back pain.The body immune system is weakened when you smoke because it prevents some essential minerals from getting to the blood.

It also does not have any medicinal value but filled with harmful substances like nicotine used to make insecticides. Smokers are very prone to coughing a lot of the time. This stresses the lungs and makes the body jerk inconsequentially thereby leading to back pain.


This depends largely on the type of back pain. The acute back pain can be treated by taking pain relief drug like Ibuprofen and aspirin.Exercise has proven to be very effective in treating back pain.

Using ice bag can help reduce swellings and down the pain, this will help stop the pains if it is acute back pain. Using hot pack can help to soothe stiff backs. These will relief the pains a great deal.

The Exercise Solution

A very good exercise can help beat back pains. There are some good exercises that can help beat back pain. As the saying goes ‘’A 15 minutes a day exercise can keep us away from the hospital for a year’’. So in other to wave off back pains, we need to exercise often.

Exercise also helps to keep the body in proper shape and improves the internal well-being of an individual. Using exercise to beat back pains has proven to be very effective healthy measures.Exercise helps strengthen the spine and the back muscles to relaxation.

The feeling after exercise helps a lot in healing back pains. The discomfort caused by back pain is not to be joked with.

Here are The “8 Cxercises To Beat Back Pain” We have researched some of the most effective exercises to wade off back pains.

1. Knee twist

knee_twistyou lay flat on your back with knees bent towards the chest then stretch your hands out to form a T. You need keep each shoulder to the ground when you breathe for effective results. You need to stay in this position for about 2-3 minutes.

2. Hamstring Stretch

hamstring-stretch1you lie on your back and bend to the right side knee towards your chest. Stretch your legs to the ceiling top, you will feel some strain when you press out both knees. You need to hold to about 4-6 minutes.

3. Back Arches

back-archesthis is designed to give strength to the muscles of the lower back. To do this, you lie on your stomach with your elbow; you push and raise your head in a tilting position. You will feel the strain in your stomach. You should hold for 15 seconds and repeat every 12 seconds

4. Mid-back Extension

mid back extensionin this type of exercise, you lay facing the ground with both hands at your sides. Lift from your head to your pelvic region without support. This exercise will strengthen the back muscles and the shoulder blades as you breathe.

5. Cat Stretch

cat-stretchin this exercise, you put your hands and knees on the mat making an ‘’n’’ shape. The exercise is done by lifting the abdominal position for 12-35 seconds breathing deeply at each interval.

6. Downward dog

downard-dogin this exercise, you kneel on the mat. You stretch your hands on the mat as if you want to lie down but you will not allow your abdomen touch the ground. With your head in between your stretched hands, you gently pull back forming a downward stretch. This exercise helps release the tension of the spine. It also helps to strengthen the abdomen, wrists, arms and shoulders.

7. Full body roll-up

roll_upthis is a Pilate move exercise. You lay facing up then slowly lift the body region reaching your hands to your toe tip. This stretches your back muscles and hamstring.

8. The Glute bridge

glute-bridgethis involves lying flat facing up. You bring your foot to the same position with your Neel and lift your thigh using your both shoulders as support. This helps to strengthen the thigh muscles and helps improve


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