Lose fat and build muscles, if that’s your goal you need to be aware of the nutritional hierarchy. The below 4 factors are the most important things for a muscle building diet!.

To be honest we all do the same mistake when it comes to using beta-alanine when we are still struggling with hiting calories that matches our goals.

There is a plan and a priority hierarchy of importance if you want real progress.
If not following the rules, you are losing your time and leaving a great amout of gains on the table.

1. Eat For Your Goals

Try To start with your food log, even if it sounds like a simple easy thing, most of people eat the opposite way they should be eating to achive their goals.

So if you need more pounds of muscle and you are stuck with no progress, check your daily menu and the problem would appear, because it is out of question that a humain being can add 30 pounds of muscle basing on 1500 calories a day or vegan diet with low-protein, so just listen to the Olympic weightlifter Donny Shankle when he says “Ya gotta eat”.

Same thing for the other way arround, if youre goal is to lose weight, don’t count on leaning out and keeping the 5000 calorie day diet. All you need is 5 minutes to sit down, liste your goals, create your daily menu to reach that goal and at the end execute your diet plan.

2. Transformation MVP : Calories

Now Let’s proceed to the most important thing after figuring out your goals: Total Calories Intake. I believe that most of you well be shocked by the way I neglected macros, hormones, insulin and all the other factors that makes a big difference. Well, i have news for you, science proved clearly that whatever “metabolic advantage” might be present in your food each day would fade in face of the difference that total calorie intake has on weight management, just do the math, any 200-300 calorie added per day that a macro plan would provide wont mean much in the real life.

So let’s clarify more “the calories matching with your goals” theorie; on a consistent basis, if you lose weight, you have to expend more than you are consuming, if you need to put on muscle just make sure that you are doing the opposite with the certainty that your calories are going toward building tissue, It sounds like an easy and simple plan, but it is more complicated than that, but this is the key and the best place to start. Now, when your calories are under controle, you can start thinking about macronutrients.

3. Protein Comes First

When you get down to essentials, you’ll find it obvious that you need protein since it is playing a big role in nutrition. Because, adding lean tissue to your body will come with consuming enough protein, also it helps controling your appetite better than the other macronutrients.

Scientifically protein is more important as we’re aging and it reduce lean muscle tissue loss during weight loss for most of people. Your Goals, your body composition ,your weight and your training style will give you the perfect and correct good range in how much grams of protein you should consume per pound of body weight.

4. Quality Vs Macros

Sorry to say that if you really want to make an aesthetic and strength progress, than make sure that the macronutrients that you get from your diet more important than the quality of food in it. Even if macros are very important, do not forget that the quality of your food can make you hit your macros easier.Higher quality foods are often composed of protein, carbs, or fat wich we realy need to get macros, therefore accordingly that would make it easier to create meals that get you to your macronutrient goals. Health, we did not forget about it of course since it is a very important thing, but here the role of the quality of your food comes, because it effects your health of course.
So reach for the quality of your foods so that it help your body to work properly and be an add to your overall health.Your diet will be more flexible with the fact that Macros > Quality, it doesn’t mean that you can eat with rashness but you can occasionally fit in your birthday cake or a bite of icecream at night.

At the END

We need to absorb the idea that we are as human being we often go through the idea of losing time for things that matter the least and always trying to find the secret that will get us results instantaneously. Even though, we should not make our life harder by trying to find the perfect diet to consume than it’s already is. Below are the top tools to focus on:

1. Focus on the bigger picture.
2. Figure out your goals.
3. Match your calorie intake to your goals.
4. Prioritize protein
5. Macros are often more important than food quality

Now, Go reach your Goals 🙂 !