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Muscle Gains & Drinking Alcohol

If you really want that your protein synthesis does its miracles, if you are serious about your muscle gains and your health, you should stop alcohol, because it can prevent muscle gains, health problems and it doesn’t really contain nutritious calories for our body to use.

So Higher consumption of alcohol can alter the testosterone level and prevent that the protein synthesis from taking place when it should, wich we need if we only seek for muscle gain, the problem of alcohol gets bigger if you are a bodybuilder and competing in sports, then you need to examine your choices, because as you know every calorie matters during prep season for contest and alcohol doesn’t really contain calories.

Since alcohol has no benefits, you should take a minute and think about your goals and if you are really a big fun of alcohol, notice that all the evidence proves that alcohol can slow or even stop your progress in your musle gains plan because it can prevent protein synthesis from doing its miracles.


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