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6 Important Moves for Bigger Biceps

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Everybody loves to have big biceps in bodybuilding, because it is most impressive area to develop as a healthy sign. Big biceps are good to see and are considered the sign of strength and superficiality in the whole body parts.

Biceps are the main requirement to look beautiful and as a champion usually, that’s why the biceps training has major association with the muscles’ building.


There are six most popular exercises


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#1 – Barbell Curl

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Barbell Curl

The curls of the biceps can be performed in different ways; such as standing with dumbbells with both hands curling or altering, resting one arm on the inner thigh by concentrating upon the curl, variations in preacher curl, and seated steps with the dumbbells.

Biceps exercise include the elbow flexion mainly, and there is a logical movement for the stimulation of the major part of muscle where the curl area is happened. Mostly, the basic movement for curling is the standing of barbell version, which has internationally recognized as the biggest bicep exercise ever.

For the performance of barbell curl, there needs some steps:

• Hold the bar with a shoulder’s width grip, the arms should be straight in the direction of floor. The elbows should be locked an inch from both sides.
• Curl – weight towards the chest area, the elbows and back should be kept fixed.
• Having contact with the biceps when the bar reaches at the chest from front
• Resisting the weight while it is lowering it slowly towards the floor for a full stretch

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#2 – One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

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This exercise is also known as an isolating movement because it focuses upon the stress on the peak and also adds a fullness to the lower portions of the muscle. This movement gives the feelings of fullness so it is very popular among the body builders all over the world.

To perform the moves, these steps are required:
• Use a regular preacher bench by holding the dumbbells with the help of an under hand grip, then lock the elbow firmly in the extended position of bench.
• Curl the dumbbells slowly upward by trying to the shoulder which’s arm being worked.


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