10 of the Best and Worst Foods You Can Eat before Bedtime

The Worst 5 Foods You Need to Avoid Eating before Sleep : #5 – Cheeseburger with bacon


Cheeseburger with bacon© Sandro’s Latin Food

Fast food isn’t only going to wreck your health but also your sleep. We all know (but probably hate to admit) that bacon consists of an incredible amount of fat. Well, such a fatty food can easily stimulate the production of stomach acids, leading to the annoying heartburn that we all do hate.

#4 – Wine

Wine© TICbeat

Alcohol is a diuretic agent. It is known for diuretics to raise the body’s excretion of water. This means you’ll have to go on several trips to the bathroom during the night if you drink wine before bedtime. Not only will it interrupt your sleep, but will also make snore like a dragon.