12 Ways to Battle Headaches & Fatigue Without a Trip to the Doctor

12 Ways to Battle Headaches & Fatigue Without a Trip to the Doctor© Pinterest

Have you chalked your constant headaches and chronic fatigue up to being commonplace? Well, it may be true that a lot of your friends and family are experiencing the same conditions as you are, but that doesn’t make it normal.

Chronic fatigue and constant headache are very common issues, but they’re issues that lifestyle changes can help correct. That’s right. You can solve your problems without needing to set foot in the doctor’s office.

The first step towards addressing these problems is to understand the causes of fatigue and headaches. While they may be signs or symptoms or a more serious condition, the likely causes are pretty simple.

Most often, fatigue is caused by sleep deprivation or regular low-quality sleep. The culprit behind headaches typically involves diet and hydration, while another big cause is often stress (known as stress headache).

Here are 12 tried-and-true methods for tackling the common culprits behind chronic fatigue and constant headaches. If you’re suffering from either (or both), give these methods a try!