10 Signs of Kidney Damage You Need to Watch Out For

#10 – Trouble sleeping

Trouble sleeping© Pinterest

Malfunctioning kidneys mean that toxins remain in the blood instead of exiting the body via urine. When the toxins accumulate, it becomes hard to fall asleep. So, not getting enough sleep, you actually help increase your risk of kidney function decline.

People who have chronic kidney disease suffer from sleep apnea more frequently. What’s sleep apnea? It’s having one or more pauses in your breath when sleeping.

These pauses can last up to one minute, and after every pause, the breathing gets back to normal with a loud snort. Keep in mind that constant heavy snoring indicates it’s time for a visit to the doctor.

#9 – Fatigue, headaches, and general weakness

Fatigue, headaches, and general weakness© Dreamstime

Healthy kidneys use Vitamin D to keep your bones strong as well as to create Erythropoietin (EPO), an important hormone in the production of red blood cells. When there’s something wrong with the kidneys, they don’t generate enough EPO, causing a decline of red blood cells, and resulting in rapid fatigue.

In fact, people with chronic kidney disease commonly suffer from anemia. If you feel tired, weak, and less energetic even though you’re getting enough sleep and rest, you should definitely see a doctor soon.

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