3 Easy Stretching Exercises that Will Help Relieve Your Back Pain

#1 – Spine stretching and strengthening


This exercise will influence your abs and back muscles. You’ll experience light and gentle stretching in your lower back if the workout is done correctly. Here are 3 methods to consider:

– 1st Method:

Spine stretching and strengthening 2© BrightSide

Place your two knees in one direction while leaning your head toward the other. Try to keep your shoulders fixed and push them gently to the floor. Stay still for 10 minutes, and redo the same movements on the opposite side. It’s best to repeat this simple exercise 4 times.

– 2nd Method:

Spine stretching and strengthening© BrightSide

Gently stretch your left leg and bend the right one. Now, move your bended knee outward while your head goes inward. Make sure that your shoulders stay fixed. Repeat 20 times.

– 3rd Method:

Spine stretching and strengthening 1© BrightSide

Bend your one of your knees to one side and then the other, while gently turning your head in the opposite direction.

Repetition: 10 successive times.


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