7 High-Carb Foods You Need to Stop Eating Before They Kill You

7 High-Carb Foods You Need to Stop Eating before They Kill You

7 High-Carb Foods You Need to Stop Eating before They Kill You© Earth, Food, and Fire

According to many new studies, limiting your carb intake can do more than help you lose weight, it can actually save your life!
If you eat too many carbs, you’d better stop now.

One study found that people who ate plenty of high-carb foods (over 60% of their daily calories) had about a 30% increased risk of dying in less than a decade than people who follow a low-carb diet.

Other studies suggest that following a low-carb diet can boost your memory and improve your chances of living longer.

However, cutting off carbs completely is a bad idea. Just like there are good and bad types of fat, there are also good carbs and bad carbs.
Good carbs include whole grains, potatoes, legumes, whole fruit, and vegetables.

But what about the bad ones? Click on Next to check them out and learn why you absolutely need to avoid or at least limit them


#7 – Juice


Juice© Modern Honey

Juices might be trendy and wellness gurus might be praising their magnificent health benefits, yet, the truth is fruit juices are the simple carbohydrates you should rather be avoiding.

Unlike fruit juice, blending is fine because it includes the entire fruit, preserving the fiber content. In fact, it is the fiber that separates beneficial carbs from harmful carbs.

The simple sugars in juice and certain types of smoothies cause blood sugar spikes, and as it gets low, you’ll start feeling hungry too soon, unlike what happens when you eat foods and drinks that are rich in fiber. So make sure to opt for low-calorie unsweetened drinks instead of juice.


#6 – Sweetened Soda, Coffee, or other Drinks


Sweetened Soda, Coffee, or other Drinks© Food & Wine Magazine

Sweetened drinks, especially soda, are pretty high in carbs, which means you need to avoid them if you want to live longer. In fact, one can of Coke contains 39 g of carbs, along with more than 150 empty calories.

Also, flavored lattes rank high in carbs which cause blood sugar spikes. Such beverages have actually been associated with terrifying rates of obesity. We all know that decreasing the number of carbs consumed a day promotes weight loss.

This happens because of something called ketosis. In other words, when you limit carbs, your body starts to get the needed fuel from fat instead, helping you to lose weight.


#5 – White Rice, Bread, and Pasta


White Rice, Bread, and Pasta© Healthline

Well, not all carbs are the same. White processed carbs, in particular, are low in fiber and are much more likely to cause spike blood sugar. Experts recommend checking food labels to make sure the fiber content is more than 3 g per serving.

Healthier and smarter alternatives to white rice are quinoa, wild rice, and brown rice, in addition to whole grain bread and pasta. So, for example, if you like to have wraps for lunch, consider using collard greens or kale leaves as a wrap or maybe making a homemade salad.

Also, make sure to avoid plain bagels as they’re high in carbs too. And the bigger the bagel, the worse are the consequences.


#4 – Breakfast Cereals


Breakfast Cereals© Today I Found Out

Everyone should be aware of the importance of having a healthy breakfast every day. Unfortunately, many people have cereals for breakfast. But even those seemingly healthier cereals might be high in carbs, low in nutritional value, and filled with simple sugars.

If you like cereals so much, make sure that the fiber content on the label is above 3 g per serving, also, try to always opt for single ingredient cereals for breakfast, like oatmeal.


#3 – Pretzels, Popcorns, and Chips


Pretzels, Popcorns, and Chips© Wikipedia

Basically, all foods that melt in your mouth are a scary source of empty calories because there’s nothing left to make you feel full. You should always choose healthy snacks, such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. Carbohydrates from these foods are very beneficial and can provide you with energy, fiber, and important nutrients.

A diet that mainly contains fruits, veggies, and whole grains is nutrient-rich, which means it can make you feel full quickly while keeping you healthy. So, skip chips and go for edamame or roasted chickpeas to get the crunch you want without the health-ruining carbs.


#2 – Granola Bars


Granola Bars© Naturally Nutritious

Although granola bars sound so healthy, many of them are actually high in sugar and simple carbs. And you should definitely avoid them if you want to lose weight. So, what should you eat instead?

Simply choose bars that are rather rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein, with less than 8 g of sugar and without any added sugars. As a general rule, the fewer the ingredients the better the food, and make sure that your bars come from whole foods.


#1 – Cookies, Doughnuts, and Baked Goods


Cookies, Doughnuts, and Baked Goods© Betty Crocker

Foods like cookies, muffins, and doughnuts are high in simple carbs and contain very little to no essential vitamins and minerals. Also, they cause rapid blood sugar spikes, leading to low energy levels. On the other hand, complex carbs are released gradually, offering a steady source of energy.

However, you shouldn’t cut off these foods once for all because you might feel deprived and then binge, just make sure to eat them occasionally while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.



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