This Is What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

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The human body is like a vehicle which needs to be fuelled. Your body needs to be energized through having specific portions of various foods. Throughout your life, your physiological system got used to a certain dietary system, especially if you stick to one diet for a long time.

This means that any slight change in your diet is going to turn everything upside down in your body. Vegetarian and vegan people were not born as such, but they experienced few changes in their lives which made decide to become so.

Throughout their journey to become vegans or vegetarians, they went through a lot of adjusting levels that to adapt to the new dietary system they drew. If you strike one thing out of your diet, you need to replace it by something which will provide your body with the needed and missed nutrients.


#1 – Loss of more weight

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Your nutritionist might recommend you to stop eating meat to end gaining the extra pounds on your waist. People tend to abide by this rule, not because they want to be vegans or vegetarians, but because they want to lose more weight.

The amount of calories and fat which can be in one steak is certainly a lot. So instead of taking few steaks per week, you might stop eating meat all at once. In parallel with this, if you consider taking a step forward, you need to fill your diet with vegetable vitamins.

Your body will not notice the change if you succeed in filling in the gaps left as a result of not eating meat anymore. The essential thing in the whole loss weight business is taking less calories than you used to.

Your body will detect this and produce a reaction accordingly. The reaction is in the form of burning the stored fat, consequently losing weight. Processed meat is also large source of fat, sodium, and calories. If you take a single of slice of it, you will be getting about 56 unwanted calories.

#2 – More gut protective bacteria


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Would you like to invite health to your doorstep ? Here is an easy way: stop eating meat! Studies have shown the great difference between meat eaters’ gut flora and that of vegetarians.

The result proved that vegetarians seem to have more protective bacteria in their gut than in the one of those who eat meat. Having Aldi veggie chips, vegetable yogurt or any other vegetables’-based foods and products will increase your gut probiotics.

This, of course happens with time. Your body along with your gut will not react immediately to your new diet. The first step for your flora to take includes recognizing the received substances to improve its functioning which suits what you take as food. It is normal that at the beginning you might have excessive bloating or flatulence.

This is how you can tell that your gut and panaceas are in the process of adjusting their functions with the new plant-based dietary system. The two organs at this phase detect an enzyme deficiency in your system.

#3 – Healthy Skin

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You must be already tired of those healthy skin face lotions, healthy skin creams, going through blackhead spot treatment, or using those painful metal pimple removers.

The truth is that all these chemical products you are using to keep your skin as shiny and healthy as possible can be easily replaced by following a single tip: recheck and reconsider your diet. The foods you take and products you consume trigger several reactions in your body.

These reactions by the organs surface as pimples and blackheads. Ladies, in particular, suffer a lot from these sort of things. It would be certainly horrible to be planning for attending a big ceremonial dinner, celebrating your company’s success for example, and wake up in the morning before the event with pimples all over your face.

Neutrogena anti-aging tinted moisturizer will not help in covering any of them. To avoid similar situations and keep your skin clean and healthy, stop eating meat is a good start. Many vegetarians believe their skin has changed to the best.

They no longer suffer from pimples, blackheads, and acne. Scientific studies stress the fact that replacing your meat-based diet with another which is based on providing your body with vegetarian nutrients will bring out the toxins out of your system.

This way, your body will be clean, healthy and void of any toxic substances. This will automatically affect your skin.

#4 – More physical energy


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Many people think that meat is a must-have component in their diets, whereas it is not. It is true that meat contains certain elements your body needs, but there are always healthier alternatives if you ever decide to quit eating meat.

Your body is an organic unit which needs constantly energy taken from the food you keep having. The best way to vitalize your system in by identifying natural resources of energy for your body.

No need to use chemical supplements or take unhealthy substances, convincing yourself that you are energizing your body. What you need is to fix your diet and specify what kind of foods you take.

The natural energy for your body results from foods full of vitamins and minerals. There are also certain elements you might want to strike out if they slow down your body energy improvement process.

For instance, if you stop eating meat, you will notice how different you feel. The tiredness you used to feel will almost disappear according to what some people experienced. The exhaustion that used to deprive you of doing night or evening activities is going to vanish. You will feel energetic all day long.

Your body, in this case, will manage to get rid of the extra pounds on your waist, plus all toxins disappear. There is absolutely no need to resort to best weight loss meal delivery programs that will cost you a fortune; just rearrange your food system.


#5 – Reduction of cardiovascular diseases’ risk

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Cardiovascular diseases are a real medical issue, especially for elderly people. Once you are already diagnosed with heart disease, it is a bit too late to reconsider what you eat. This should be done long before to prevent and reverse heart disease.

The latter is a chronic illness that affects your whole system and puts your life at stake. You need to watch what you are exactly eating as food. One of the most known foods in causing cardiovascular health issues is red meat.

This is something that was proven a long time ago. The relation between the two is embodied in the fact that red meat contains the carnitine which stimulates chemical reactions that influence the heart.

Avoiding eating meat is the best supplement for cardiovascular health. It must be also noted that vegetarians are shielded from diabetes, stomach cancer, hypertension and colorectal cancer.

#6 – 1/3 Reduction of cholesterol level


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People who suffer from hypertension, high blood pressure and cholesterol are strongly advised by their doctors to take great portions of vegetarian foods. Basing your diet on vegetables and fruits will guarantee you long and healthy years to live.

Any natural source of nutrition for your body is certainly a shield from a variety of chronic diseases inclusive of cardiovascular diseases. Your cholesterol level is one of the key elements to be affected once you stop eating meat. The cholesterol level in your system remains low.

You can have the same effect if you consider taking any cholesterol medicine upon your doctor’s advice or prescription. But you can do it in a healthy and natural way which is through avoiding red meat.

Once you decide to stop consumption of meat, you can be and feel healthier, yet with no other side effects. If you are a person with atherosclerosis, try to have as much as possible of organic plants and vegetables.

#7 – Improvement of the good genes’ functioning

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Have you ever known that your body contains good and bad genes? If you are hearing about this for the first time, it will sound a bit strange, but it is still so true. Healthy food and balanced diets do not only keep your body in good shape, but they also strengthen your internal organs and back them up against any virus or bacterial attacks.

Your healthy lifestyle stimulates the good genes in your body to fight against any chronic diseases plus control your weight and prevents obesity. But, in case your lifestyle is not as healthy as it should be, the bad genes become very active.

They can contribute to developing chronic diseases and obesity. The first thing you are recommended to do is staying away from red meat. You can have instead a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to strike balance in your body’s functioning system.

#8 – Potential nutritional deficiencies


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If you stop eating meat, your body will normally experience new changes. Some of these changes can be positive, as you might lose weight and get the shape you have been yearning to have for years, but there might be also negative changes; as your body may start unveiling great deficiency in iodine, vitamin D, and B12.

In case these deficiencies are not taken into account, the situation might evolve into the worst experience you are going have in your whole life. But no worries, alternatives should be considered.

You can get the best vegan vitamins from legumes like black beans and lentils. Your diet should be also rich of nuts, dark green vegetables, cereals, whole-grain products and fruits.

Having sufficient amounts of all these elements will strike the needed balance in your system without any deficiencies in vitamins. Although they are not strongly recommended, you still can use supplements for a while until the balance is restored. These tips will help you cope with the changes your body undergoes.

#9 – Loss of sense of taste

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The sudden changes that your body will experience after you quit eating meat are numerous and difficult to cope with at the beginning.

But once the adjustment phase is over: meaning your body has managed to accept the new plant-based nutrients, it got along with the new natural sources of energy and you feel healthy, you will no longer feel the changes.

However, long before reaching this phase, you are going to experience a sort of loss in taste. Zinc, which is the one in charge of sharpening your taste sensations, is taken from red meat and oysters.

In other words, once you stop eating meat, your body will experience a shortage of zinc. Vegetarians need to get the sufficient amount of this element from somewhere else like whole-grain products, dairy products, navy beans and nuts. As a vegetarian, you need to ensure having about 50% of zinc per day.

#10 – More muscles’ recovery time

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A healthy lifestyle requires finding the source of the best protein to build muscles and stay lean. The workout for few days per week in the gym is going to help of course, but only if your diet is balanced and healthy as it should be.

Following the harsh workout exercises you perform once or twice a week, your muscles need to be strengthened through having protein. Note that protein sources are plenty, ranging from plant proteins to animal proteins.

Animal proteins are, however, the primary and robust source. Plant proteins are also sufficient on their own, still, they need a lot of time to give effect embodied in strong muscles. What is the solution then?

According to nutritionists, vegetarian and vegan people are advised to get their needed protein portions immediately after their workouts. This way the proteins are rapidly and properly processed.

To alter your diet puts your body through a lot. It is a good decision to stop the consumption of any foods that might be relatively harmful.

Still, some of these foods might be striking a certain balance in your body. So what you need is finding healthy alternatives to replace and bridge any potential gaps left as a result of no longer consuming those foods.

Feel free to share your experience after you stopped eating meat in a comment.


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