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12 Secrets About Fitness Your Coach Will Hardly Tell You

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Fitness is trending, and more and more people are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is to look better on Instagram or real life, more people sign in for personal training courses or look for the best workout videos online.

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However, fitness activities are not something to do arbitrarily, you should take a lot of things into consideration before starting your workouts. This article provides you with a lot of facts about how to make your exercises more enjoyable, beneficial and effective.

Whether you are exercising through workout videos or with a personal fitness trainer, this article is going to change the way you think about fitness.

12 Secrets About Fitness Your Coach Will Hardly Tell You© tiimate-app


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#1 – Visible Results Take A Long Time To Show Up

1. Visible Results Take A Long Time To Show Up.© Healthy Living

We know that one of the main reasons you started working out is to get a more appealing body. However, this purpose is not as easy as you think and doesn’t happen overnight.

Certainly, your age, current body weight, and condition are factors that affect the process; however, mostly, you will start to witness the outcome of your workout after 2 or even 3 months. It may take longer than that so that others can witness the changes in your body.

Your training will not lead to any positive results if you don’t do it on regular basis, attend your sessions more frequently and choose a diet that suits you best. Also, your body will not witness many changes with 2 intense workouts in a week.

2 cardio workouts and 3 power workouts are the magic formulas for good results. you may think you don’t have much time to go to the gym 5 times a week, but you know what? exercises could be done anywhere and anytime. Just take an ordinary walk around the block and it can be considered a good cardio exercise.

#2 – The Results You Desire May Not Be Always Achievable

2. The Results You Desire May Not Be Always Achievable.© Grazia

Shocking, we know, we used to be told that we can achieve anything when it comes to our desired body shape if we work hard enough for it. However, you may want to hear this from us now than realizing it by your own personal trainer after long intense sessions, because your personal trainer online or in real life will never reveal this to you.

For a start, The way in which you are physically built as well as your genetics should be taken into account. Some people’s genetic makeup can help them to grow their muscles faster while giving better metabolism for others; thus, despite having the same personal training program, people may end up having different results.

Furthermore, sports nutrition are very popular among professional athletes, which help them attain their desired body. Hence, you should realize the bad effect of setting up an unachievable goal for your body, which includes losing all of your motivation and even a serious unbalance in your shape.

You must know your body best, know your capacities and limits and determine what you can and cannot achieve with your training, only this way you’ll end up with satisfying results.

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#3 – 5 To 7 Training Sessions With A Trainer Are Enough

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3. 5 To 7 Training Sessions With A Trainer Are Enough.© groupon

One of the best workouts are the ones you are able to do them independently without the help of any personal trainer. However, if your trainer told you this, he or she will end up being broke, so you may never hear this from them.

What you really need is to have 5 to 7 sessions with your trainer in order to teach you methods to have effective training and then you’ll be ready to take the lead and do them yourself.

You may want to check with another trainer after a month or so in order to know whether you are doing it the right way or not, and also to inquire about the best Nutrition Diet, healthy vitamins and nutrition.

#4 – Stick to the Basic to Build a Beautiful Body

4. Stick to the Basic to Build a Beautiful Body© Muscle & Fitness

Trainers like to keep clients as much as possible, they won’t compromise their source of income for anything. That’s the reason why they tend to neglect basic exercise and go for the exercise equipment that works out singular muscles.

However, what you need to be aware of is that only through basic exercises that you’ll be able to have satisfying results. These exercises include doing pushups, deadlifts, lunges, planks, and squats. These exercises also play an important role in getting the utmost response from muscles.

For instance, for some people lungs are the most efficient exercises when it comes to the buttocks muscles, but for others, it could be lunges. We don’t say that you should ignore isolation exercises altogether, we simply advise you not to do them on the account of the basic ones.

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#5 – Special Sports Nutrition Diets Are Not Necessary

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5. Special Sports Nutrition Diets Are Not Necessary.© brightside

When first starting to exercise, people are usually motivated and in a rush to get good results, that’s the reason why some of them opt for sports nutrition. However, what they could simply do is to choose a diet that is diverse and suits their body.

You are not modeling or entering a beauty pageant, so even when your trainer dwells on enriching your diet with protein and fat burners, don’t do it. True, there is a well-established relationship between food and health, but not any type of food that is marketed as a healthy living product is something you need.

Fat is burned during workouts, so there is no need for fat burners. Only adopting a healthy living plan that includes a proper diet and the proper workout will definitely lead to good results.

#6 – Cellulite May Does Not Vanish Through Exercises

6. Cellulite May Does Not Vanish Through Exercises.© abellahealth

Products that help to eliminate cellulite don’t exist; however, a lot of people think that if they spent enough hours on the treadmills and other fitness machines, they will be able to do so. These people live in a fantasy world.

There is absolutely no exercise that eradicates cellulite from your body, whether it was power workouts or cardio cellulite will remain at its place. Even healthy diets and intense workouts won’t help. However, what you can gain from your fitness workouts and healthy food is making the cellulite less visible.

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#7 – Doing Abs Regularly Is Not Important To Get A Beautiful Belly

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7. Doing Abs Regularly Is Not Important To Get A Beautiful Belly.© Verywell Fit

Every trainer, fitness software or workout video is stressing on the importance of doing abs, but you need to know that you are not required to do them during every visit to the gym.

You don’t have to regularly do abs exercises in order to get that belly you long desired, because while doing your basic exercises, your belly will get enough action. In fact, all you need is one ab exercise for the whole week, of course along with basics such as lunges and squats.

#8 – Dancing, Yoga Or Pilates Alone Don’t Help You Build Muscles

8. Dancing, Yoga Or Pilates Alone Don’t Help You Build Muscles.© Just Jules Arts

It makes no sense to desire a muscular body, that you might want to show off during summer and to do dancing, yoga or pilates. If you want a muscular body, you need to put those muscles to work. Your muscles need to work and that could only be achieved during power workouts.

Generally speaking, a lot of energy is consumed in feeding and maintaining muscles, which makes them burn more calories. Dancing, yoga or pilates are great exercises that complete the workouts at the gym but do not replace them. Power workouts remain very important, even if your goal is to lose some weight and be in good humor.

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#9 – Women Need To Make Shorter Breaks And Increase Their Reps

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9. Women Need To Make Shorter Breaks And Increase Their Reps.© verywellfit

Certainly, men and women are different when it comes to fitness. Female are advised to rest during their breaks and have more tension time. When they reach their peak, women instinctively start muscles workouts, because their bodies are prevented from overstraining through their inner setting.

That’s the reason why it is essential for females not to work on heavy-lifting and to do more reps in order to load their muscles. Men need more time for breaks to regain energy and strength after sets of heavy-lifting, while women only need half a minute or so to rest between reps.

#10 – Work More, Eat More

10. Work More, Eat More.© naturallycurlye

Losing weight is one of the purposes of working out. However, there is a popular misunderstanding that you will lose weight if you exercise more and eat less. It may seem logical to you since you’ll be able to burn calories and you will not consume more calories.

However, this is only going to lead to slowing down your metabolism and your body will start storing energy. Under no circumstances, you are to work out regularly and not get enough nutrition for your body, for it will only lead to negative results.

contrary to what you think will happen, your body will be exhausted and overstrained and you will end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

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#11 – Perform Cardio Training In The Right Way

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11.Perform Cardio Training In The Right Way.© The Independent

Cardio training boosts your endurance and trains your respiratory systems and cardiovascular while also helping you lose weight.

However in order to perform cardio exercises properly, you need to take into account the following: when saving up the whole day for cardio, you won’t be able to start burning fat until 40 minutes of the workout pass, which requires you to go on a treadmill ( or an elliptical machine) for one hour.

However, doing a power load training and immediately starting a cardio session will help you start burning fat from the first instance. Hence, shortening your cardio time to 20 minutes is a smart idea! Moreover, you need to keep an eye on your pulse and make sure it stays within the recommended limits.

You should be able to avoid weak results when your pulse reaches the lower limit of your heart rate, and to avoid damaging your heart when your pulse exceeds the upper limit.

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#12 – You Don’t Need To Go To The Gym To Build A Beautiful Body Shape

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12. You Don’t Need To Go To The Gym To Build A Beautiful Body Shape.© Avon HMO

Fitness is strongly linked in our minds with the gym. But what if I told you that you can get fit without a gym subscription. Your good genes along with avoiding abusing your body by unhealthy food and alcohol can give you the long desired fitness results.

You should value your health, follow a healthy diet, exercises at home, move and walk, and you’ll end up with a satisfying outcome.


After workouts, serotonin and endorphins are produced. Your body also witnesses a doubling by more than 5 times in the concentration of happiness hormones in the blood, which takes place 30 minutes after starting the workout and lasts for 2 hours.

Another health-related issue is insurance. You may think you have a great body thanks to all your exercises, but life is full of surprises and you will never know when you are going to need health insurance. Therefore, try to consult health insurance websites and see what companies offer the best health coverage.

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