Essential Amino Acids for Your Body

About 20 % of human body is made up of protein which is very essential to promote the biological process with the help of amino acid blocks. Some amino acids are produced naturally in the body and some needs proper diet to be produced in the body.
There are 5 essential amino acids, which are taken by different foods which ensure health and fitness.

1. Valine

Protein rich foods have this amino acid; such as eggs, tofu, nuts, beef, gelatin, lamb, peanuts, sesam seeds, lentils, poultry, fish, and cheese. For genetics health, valine is very important for human body.

2. Isoleucine

To regulating the blood sugar and boosting the body’s energy, this amino acid is very essential for human body. Rich resources of isoleucine are chicken, eggs, fish, cheese, soy beans, turkey, etc.

3. Leucine

This amino acid plays a crucial role in losing weight by dissolving fat in the human body. Its supplements are useful for muscles and tissues of human beings.

4. Threonine

This amino acid is found in different food items; such as eggs, corns, fish, meat, beans, seeds, lentils, and in various grains.

5. Lysine

Rich resources of lysine are chicken, meat, fish, eggs, etc. It can also be taken as powder, tablets, and in the form of injection. This amino acid is very useful for bones, nails and bones health.

Above mentioned amino acids are very important to take regularly for living a healthy life till old age. If someone avoids to eat rich resources of foods, then diseases can attack on body for long term.


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