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13 Tips For Guaranteed Weight Gain

You have seen many people around you that eat a lot and everything, but don’t gain weight. Such people are called hard gainers. According to them they say they are blessed with fast metabolism. It is really true because I have personally seen many people eating junk foods daily but they stay skinny and do not gain weight.

But on the other hand there are many skinny and very slim people that are always struggling to gain some weight so they may look smart and healthy. They are really sick and tired of not gaining weight. You are lucky you are here on this site.

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Here I am going to share 13 tips for guaranteed weight gain


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#1 – Not Eating Enough Food

Most of skinny people think that they eat too much but this isn’t true. They are really on guessing daily food intake they take. Take the foods that contain more calories. Eat whatever you like but do not note what you are eating.

If you are underweight, then your initial step to putting on weight is to comprehend that you should play by an alternate set up rules. One of the most important and practical step you can take is to double your food.

Whatever you are presently eating in the kitchen at this moment increase it. If you are eating one chicken breast in meal then from now on wards take it to two. On the other hand if you are just eating three thin slices of bread, then make it six. Increase the amount of nut you are taking daily.

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#2 – Increase The Intake of Proteins and Carbs

Stick to the foods that give you proteins and carbohydrates as they are very important in weight gaining plan. Eggs, meat, chicken, cereals, beans and many more are good source of protein and carbohydrates. For more quick result you can also have daily carb or protein shake. This will surely help you to increase one pound in a week.

#3 – Have Smoothies

For the best results have smoothies. Smoothies are very delicious fruit and sugar bombs which will help you gain weight. For more quick results you can add yogurt and fat milk instead of fat free milk.

#4 – Bananas as Snack

Bananas store fats in the body of most of the people so for your day and evening snacks eat bananas.

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#5 – Live around Foods

Make sure you take your first meal within 15 to 20 minutes after you are wake-up. Give first meal to the body which is high in nutrients and boost your body metabolism. Eat after every 2 to 3 hours to get the quick results.

#6 – Track Everything

Take control over your eating routine and daily note down whatever you eat. Increase gradually your appetite because the more you will eat the more you will gain weight. In aiming to gain weight you have to require large amount of food close to double that you are already taking.

#7 – Eat Calorie Rich Food

Focus on foods that are very rich in calories and of course also loaded with nutrients. Try to avoid the foods that are low in calories because in weight gaining plan you need more calories. You averagely need 500 to 600 calories during each meal rich in fats and sugar.

#8 – Track Your Progress

During the weight gaining process track the progress because if you will see a step towards success, this will keep you motivated and you will more focus on your goal.

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#9 – Exercise for Weight Gain

There are many specific exercises that can help you to achieve your goal. So go for that exercise and see the results. You can search online for theses amazing exercises. Concentrate on compound exercises because they recruit as many muscles as they can.

#10 – Key of success

The key of success of the plan is to eat more, rest more, sleep more and keep yourself relax.

#11 – Sleep

During this plan of weight gaining you need to sleep at least 7 hours but if you will add two more hours then it will help you to gain maximum.

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#12 – Cardio is the enemy of Weight Gain

In the weight gain process you should not do cardio as it burns a lot of your calories and you do not reach your goal. Though there are many myths and misinformation about cardio in weight gaining process but it’s better to avoid.

#13 – Stay Happy and Relax

If you will stay happy than there is more chance to gain weight in short time.


Gaining weight is a hard task or easy it mostly depends on the type of the body. But important is that it is possible so no need to be disappointed. Don’t obsess over eating a lot and doing the things that leads you to weight gain. When you will convince yourself that you will gain weight then surely you will. This will make you feel better and close to your target.

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