Shocking Benefits Of Cockroach Milk You Need To Know

Shocking Benefits Of Cockaroach Milk You Need To Know

Shocking Benefits Of Cockaroach Milk You Need To Know© LinkedIn

Some of you might think it’s April’s fool day but I’m sorry to disappoint you, we are still in March! It is therefore not a funny joke! Scientists have discovered that cockroach milk may be the most nutritious milk and supplement you can ever consume!

It is actually even considered to be a super food and a protein powerhouse. So, instead of brewing energy drinks, you can opt for a more natural substitute, What do you think?

My advice for the katsaridaphobes, you’d better not click on Next to avoid the yucky feelings unless you are curious to know what this epitome of horror that you shoo away every time it crosses your path can offer to your health!

The question that many of you are asking at this particular moment: Can you really milk a cockroach? Well, let’s find out together!

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#1 – The study


The study© Pinterest

Let’s be honest, this new discovery seems very far to be true and quite hard to believe. However, some scientists believe that right inside the belly of that disgusting insect which scares the hell out of you nutrient rich crystals are found!

Barbara Stay who is a university professor and the first one to carry the research on cockroach milk explained to NPR Radio saying that during the process of development, the embryos of the Pacific beetle cockroach feed on a liquid from their mother.

The latter liquid settles later in the intestines in the form of very small crystals which are believed to be highly nutritious. In clear and simple words, Pacific beetle cockroach is so much like humans. They don’t really give birth to their young babies by laying eggs which is the case of most other roaches.

In fact, the Pacific beetle cockroach keeps the babies in brood sacs through which the mother Pacific beetle cockroach produces food and feeds its offspring. The embryos, therefore, feed on that liquid substance which is found to be loaded with fats, sugars, and protein.

According to Sanchari Banerjee one of the authors of the study, the crystals are just a complete food with good amounts of proteins and sugars. It might just be the most nutritious substances on the entire planet.

Despite the fact that roaches are not really appealing to the tummy, they are found to have many health benefits and also have a magical healing power whose nutrients are believed to be perfect for stomach,

, heart diseases and many more!

So, what? Are you willing to get over your fear and give it a try? Don’t decide now you still have to learn about the benefits : It is getting weirder !!!!


#2 – Cockroach Milk Provides You With Energy


Cockroach Milk Provides You With Energy©

A team of researchers has decided to closely examine the crystals and they were really amazed by what they have discovered! The tinny crystals are found to be highly caloric and also surprisingly contain more than 3 times the energy of the same amount of dairy milk!

It is a complete and super food loaded with amino acids and a great source of energy. It is just everything that your body needs in order to revitalize its cellular structure. Not all the bad things are actually bad as you used to think!


#3 – Cockroach Milk Is A Protein Powerhouse


Cockroach Milk Is A Protein Powerhouse©<

You love enjoying your cookies with cups of milk, right! So, why don’t you replace the dairy milk with that of cockroaches and allow your body to benefit from the good amount of protein and other amazing health benefits of this yucky yet beneficial milk?

According to what scientists have found lately, the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its babies a very special formula which is discovered to be remarkably and highly. It is also believed to meet your daily needs of protein intake.

For this reason, it is not surprising at all to know that the Pacific beetle cockroach grows way bigger than other cockroach species. Well, this is to tell you that you probably should give it a try and expect magic!


#4 – Cockroach Milk Is All The Nutrition Your Body Needs


Cockroach Milk Is All The Nutrition Your Body Needs© WiredBugs

Fully packed with fats, sugars, and proteins, cockroach milk is the nutrition your body needs.
It’s everything in one thing. Rich in protein that provides you with growth and repair in addition to fats that work as energy boosters that store the energy into your body and finally the minerals that works on maintaining your health and well being.

I know this is quite easy to read but absolutely not easy to try as the disgusting side of this milk will always give you the shivers on your spine and make you feel sick. However, you can think about it the positive way, think about how good and healthy it is! It might be more helpful and easier to you!


#5 – Cockroach Milk May Save The Environment


Cockroach Milk May Save The Environment© Huffington Post

Okay, everyone ! We all should start eating cockroaches. I mean, if you love the planet you live in, you must protect it and you must be willing to make some sacrifices! Will you? Even if this is really far to happen especially with the katsaridaphobes, cockroaches may help you achieve that and help you in lowering the greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, we are all aware of the bad reputation that the dairy industry has and how it affects our environment by releasing poisonous gases such as methane and nitrous oxide and many others that hit the environment so hard and even lead to climate changes and might even cause the loss of important areas of land!


#6 – Where to Find Cockroach Milk


Where to Find Cockroach Milk© Pinterest

Those who are ready to face their fears and give it a try are probably asking where they can find or get cockroach milk. Well, of course, you don’t wanna start looking around your house or in the basement for cockroaches to finally get some milk.

You should not forget that there is a possibility that many insects can carry bacterias and diseases. So, you don’t wanna end up sick instead of being healthy.

Of course, if you live in China, then, finding a cockroach milk is never a struggle as it is everywhere, especially that this fad is really becoming a booming business there!

Currently, researchers are trying to see if it’s possible to produce the cockroaches milk in the lab. Until this superfood is available, stay safe and be patient until you can have your share of its amazing benefits!



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