This Is How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows According To Experts

This Is How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows According To Experts

This Is How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows According To Experts© W Magazine

Most women if not all of them are dreaming to have those thick and nicely shaped eyebrows! Unfortunately, the most affordable way that most women use to make their eyebrows pop and look fuller and healthier is by filling them in using eyebrow pencils.

While the rest, say, those who have enough money, choose to opt for a regular microblading treatment or even an eyebrow transplant.

If you are a busy person who doesn’t have the time nor the money to waste in such treatments, you might find it really interesting to hear the good news! Experts say that there is hope and you can actually boost the growth of your eyebrows and this is how you can do it!

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#1 – Why My Eyebrows Won’t Grow Back?


Why My Eyebrows Won’t Grow Back©

There is no doubt that your eyebrow hair grows the same way as the rest of your hair but with a small key difference, say the experts.

In fact, it ’s important to know that eyebrows and lashes have for example short anagen growth phases than your scalp hair. This means that your brow hair will take a shorter time to grow than the hair in your head but still, it will grow slowly.

Experts also add saying that your eyebrows might be prone to fall as a result of the same issues that cause hair loss in other parts of your body. These factors can be everyday stress, aging, and hormonal changes. Over plucking is also one of the main factors that can cause your brows to become thinner.

In many other cases, your health condition and the medications you take can also play a great role. For instance, if you suffer from thyroid disease or Hansen’s disease, you will be more likely to experience eyebrow loss and thining and that’s due to the changes that these diseases can bring to the hair growth cycle.


#2 – What Can I Do About It?


What Can I Do About It© Twitter

Yes, there is always a way to put an end to your issues. Certainly, you have heard of biotin, right! Well, the latter is considered the best supplement you can take to have a healthy skin, hair, and nails.

What’s even more interesting, this supplement can be really effective and help you grow out your brows. However, before you start taking it, you’d better consult your doctor first before bringing any changes to your diet and adding this B-complex vitamin.

According to Jeanine B. Downie, the Nutrafol supplement is also a good supplement that needs to be taken into consideration. She said that many of her patients have had satisfying results.

She also adds that the good thing about this supplement is that it has no side effects and she would always recommend it for her patients when they are interested. Another expert says that Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash growth serum and can be safely used to grow thicker, darker, and healthier brow hairs.

There are of course many other good products that are specifically designed for hair growth on other parts of your body. There is no evidence that they can work on your brows but theoretically, they might be effective.

Never forget that a healthy diet, minimal stress, and regular exercise can promote the growth of all hair, so make sure you work well on that too!


#3 – What Are The Bad Habits That I Should Avoid?


What Are The Bad Habits That I Should Avoid©

It is very important to avoid scrubbing, scratching, or picking your eyebrow area and of course completely avoid over-plucking! Instead, you can very simply use an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows and make them look nice.

Experts say that it’s okay to try microblading to have the look of fuller brows ASAP, but make sure you seek a well trained and certified aesthetician to avoid any bad results, one of which is an infection!

Finally, learn to be patient and remember that your brows need time to grow! so, don’t rush it and be patient!



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