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Glutes Workout #1: Best 4 Exercises To Tone Your Butt!

As a bodybuilder and fitness expert, I am often asked about glutes development. The informations about this muscle are as common as those about the triceps and biceps, in my experience

Workout Summary

Main Goal : Lose Fat
Workout Type : Split
Training Level : Beginner
Days Per Week : 3
Equipment Required : Box
Target Gender : Male, Female

Workout Description

The question about butt and glutes come from both male and female. All of whom truly want to increase their power, strength, and speed. The proper development of these muscles can allow individuals to not only jump, swim, and run faster, but can also increases their power during sport activities.

1. Step-up with Knee Raise


4 sets | 12,15 reps | 30s break

To start working on this exercise you need a box, crate or Whatever you have in your house that you can use. press through your heel onto that box and bring the opposite knee up into, up as high as you can and then step it right back down.

2. Glute Kickback


4 sets | 12,15 reps | 30s break

put your shoulders aligned with your wrist, your back is flat, you don’t want to have a curl in that spine or an arch, you want to keep the back nice and flat. Start off with one leg out straight, toe is pointed the leg stays long, keeping that leg completely straight

3. Single Leg Glute Bridge


4 sets | 12,15 reps | 30s break

Gather your knee (1) towards your stomach. It kind of looks like I’m marching. Glut bridge march. So, the most important thing here is that you make sure that you’re keeping your hips up in full extension.

4. Butt Lift (Bridge)


4 sets | 12,15 reps | 30s break

Bring both feet together and both legs together. focus on targeting your inner thighs here. So, it’s really important to make sure that you’re keeping your legs together the entire time. they’re stuck together. and then bring your hips up, and squeezing your butt together and then taking it right back down.


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