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The Best Cardio for Fat Loss – A Science Based Approach

Last Updated on January 7, 2021


People are being educated to do different types of exercises and diets to loose fats and the majority of which have no proof behind them. Throughout the years, researchers have found various methodologies that appear to be effective.

Cardio is vital for fat loss, How about we see what logical research recommends is the best kind of cardio for burning your body fat while protecting muscle mass.

Some gyms focus on cardio a lot for weight loss where as some highly recommend cardio for burning calories.


Now let us see which type of cardio is best and what
the researchers recommended


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#1 – Latest research how much cardio should do?

An advance meta-examination on cardio found that quality and size additions were lessened as the measure of cardio increased. These outcomes recommend that doing as little cardio as would be prudent is likely ideal.

Hence, doing no cardio amid a fat loss stage may not be pragmatic or workable for a considerable lot of us. So how much cardio would it is advisable for you to do to advance fat burning however not meddle with muscle size and strength increases.

However, most ideal amount of cardio for fat loss and muscle mass is the slightest amount required consolidated with eating routine to bring about a suitable rate of fat loss. You can also take the advice of your gym trainer for the right amount of cardio for your goal.

#2 – What to do for cardio

For losing weight and burning the calories there is no best type of cardio. If you think you enjoy taking the fitness classes for your fitness go for it. Do your cardio indoor or outdoor where ever you enjoy. But the main thing is that stays consistent and enjoys the type of cardio you like.

One important thing you might need to stay away from is doing cardio for a body part before lifting that body part. For instance, if you are doing cardio in the morning and lifting legs during the evening, it might be best to do an abdominal area/add up to the body type of cardio.

Then again, lift in the morning and do cardio around evening time to continue lifting execution high and hold the muscle while dieting.

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#3 – Will you lose fats with cardio while building the muscles?

No, actually not. Because the muscles require the caloric surplus, which is one of the best ways to save the more calories than your body requires each day.

On the other hand the losing fat requires the caloric deficit, which is the best way to save calories than your body requires each day. So you can see that building the muscles and losing fats requires the opposite of each other.

So you can do the both task at the same time with the help of cardio. This implies regardless of the possibility that you added in cardio workouts in addition to the weight preparing, despite everything it wouldn’t generally permit you to lose fat while building muscle in the main and first place. If anything, the cardio workouts would simply consume those additional calories you required for building that muscle and really wind up keeping muscle from being constructed.

#4 – To lose fats and gain muscle

If you are looking to lose weight with the help of cardio then you need to work more and do more cardio. And if you want to build the muscles then you can do less cardio. At least three times per week 20 to 30 minutes cardio is sufficient for build muscle mass and maintain your fitness.

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#5 – What type of body you have?

This is very important point to know if you are looking to do cardio. Generally there are three types of body.


First type of body is naturally slim persons. For such people it is easy to lose fats and build muscle mass. They will no need to do more cardio to achieve their goal.

Second type is the heaviest person by nature. They need more effort to lose the weight and build the muscles. This body type people should continue to do cardio three to four times per week to build the muscle mass.

The last type body is known as the lucky ones. This type is known as naturally muscular person. They mostly have narrow waist and large shoulders. Hence, they need to do less cardio to achieve the goal of building muscle mass.


Each person’s circumstance is wide open to understanding and interpretation, when everything comes directly down to it, quite a bit of your preparation timetable is controlled when you have accessible to you.

These rules ought to give you a thought of what recurrence of preparing is most suitable for your particular objectives and circumstance. You can also take the help and advice of the professional trainers in the gym and gain your goal in short time.

Take these proposals just as guidance rather than principles. Never hesitate to explore and feel free to experiment. You may discover that what really works for you is precisely the opposite is composed here.

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