7 Causes of High Cholesterol

Blood cholesterol is a common problem in various countries. High level of cholesterol lead to various cardio vascular diseases. The concentration of cholesterol cannot be estimated without a laboratory test. People detected with high level are treated with medicines.

It is caused of following 7 factors.

7- Saturated fats in diet


If you are eating foods rich in saturated foods, you are at risk of high cholesterol level in blood. They food can be beef, cheese, butter, eggs, milk and veal. Other foods can be coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, and in snacks (chips, cookies, crackers etc.)

6- Over weight body


If you are not slim, you are easy to get high cholesterol. When a person is overweight, there is high level of triglyceride and thus more cholesterol.

5- Your activity level


People who are not active are more supposed to get high cholesterol. Less physical activity lead to more blood cholesterol.

4- Age and Gender


When your age crosses 20 years, cholesterol level begins to rise. Men can get high cholesterol after age of 50 whereas women are less likely to reach that level like men.

3- Cigarette smoking


Blood cholesterol is highly linked with smoking as the smoke damages the blood vessels which are more susceptible to accumulate cholesterol

2- Family genetics


Blood cholesterol level is linked with family genetics too. If your family members are having this problem, it is more probable that you may also suffer from high cholesterol easily.

1-7. Alcohol intake


People who take alcohol more frequently are at risk of high cholesterol level in blood.ConclusionTo live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, try to avoid the above causes that lead to a commonly dangerous health issue, i.e. high cholesterol level of blood.


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