This Is Where You Should Never Store Your Eggs

It is rare to go to a household and not find eggs in their fridge because, since forever, eggs are considered to be one of the most important food items that need to be consumed on a daily basis. Regardless of all that, how can we spend our days without having our morning scramble?

Our salads without hard-boiled eggs? Or most importantly, how can we make our favorite cookies and brownies without the eggs?

Basically, your fridge needs to have eggs at all times because you never know when you are going to need them, and most likely, anyone who likes eating eggs would probably have a dozen waiting inside their fridge.

But have you ever thought if you are storing the eggs right?

Our fridges come with a specific place where we can put our eggs, and it is mostly located on one of the door’s shelves. But are you 100 percent confident that we should be placing them there?

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Obviously, the refrigerator is where you should be keeping all of your dairy products, including your eggs. But there is one specific spot in that fridge where you should never be putting your eggs, and many people are still unaware of it.

That’s right! The shelf on the door of your fridge is where you should never be placing your eggs, even though we have a specific little thingy for them where they can be put safely.

If you kept on saving your eggs on that shelf, you will be making them go bad faster, which makes it the worst place to ever store your eggs, even if you owned a Samsung fridge.

The reason is simple: that shelf is constantly seeing the flux of temperature because you open and close the door all the time to get (and check) your food. The door is already considered as the warmest place in the fridge, and that’s why all of these things together will lead your eggs to rot faster.

If you want to keep your eggs as fresh as possible and for as long as possible, then you need to put them on one of the shelves that are INSIDE your fridge. It is the only way to protect their freshness and to give them a longer life.

This rule doesn’t apply on eggs only, it also applies to milk and other perishable products, but especially the dairy products. These food items should never be stored on the shelves of your fridge’s door, so leave that space for jellies, jams, and juices.


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