This is What Your Sleep Position Can Reveal about You

You probably have never thought that the way you sleep could say so much about who you are as an individual…

Let’s take Leonardo da Vinci, for example, he took 20-minute naps every 4 hours and it worked wonders on recharging his intellectual batteries! Also, Charles Dickens slept facing north because he felt that it’s a creativity-boosting position.

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Most people don’t have as eccentric sleeping habits as brilliant artists but slight subtleties in your snoozing styles say as much about who you are as the music or colors you like or the life paths you choose.

Although the position in which you sleep seems like a completely subconscious behavior, who you are is what dictates which positions are the most suitable for snoozing. It turned out that if you really wanted to get to know who someone else is, the secret is in the dormancy.

Do you sleep on your belly, side, or back? Believe it or not, it can reveal so much about who you are when you’re awake… Keep reading through the following slides to know what your sleep position can say about you.



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