This Is What Your Poop Color Says About Your Health

This Is What Your Poop Color Says About Your Health© Pinterest

Many people prefer to avoid discussing this subject for obvious reasons. But believe it or not, your feces may be telling you so many things about your health that you should never ignore.

As we already know, our bodies use a special language to inform us if something is not right, and it is about time to start taking these signals seriously before it is too late. Thanks to the bile produced in our liver, the stools are supposed to always be brown.

But, what if you encounter an unusual color down your toilet? Plus, are you aware of what each color may represent? It is time to stop taking our feces’ color for granted, and be willing to check them out whenever we finish doing our “business”.

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  1. I take Iron supplements so my poop is quite often blackish. However it is also firm.often round and quite large. I know, I know I need to drink more water.