This Is What The Moons On Your Nails Say About Your Health

#1 – When the lunula’s size change on one finger


When the lunula’s size change on one finger© Brightside

– The lunula on the thumb is connected to the work of the spleen and lungs. It is the most detectable one, but should not be taking over 25% of your fingernail. If you are a smoker, the lunula may become significantly smaller. But if you have arterial hypertension, it will get larger.

– The lunula on the index finger could get very small or even disappear when your pancreas or intestine are not functioning properly. Also, it may point to some chronic E.N.T. diseases, too.

– The middle finger is directly connected to your cardiovascular system and brain. So if you can barely see lunula on that fingernail, then you may have high blood pressure or a vascular problem.

– The ring finger is connected to your lymphatic and reproductive systems, so an invisible lunula means some problems in the digestion system.

– The little finger’s Lunula should be slightly visible or completely absent. It is basically associated with the work of your heart, kidneys, and small intestine. So if the lunula is large, then maybe you are having a high blood pressure.

#2 – Overly large lunulae

Overly large lunulae© Brightside

Lunula should not take over a third (or more) of the fingernail, but in case it does in all of your fingernails, then maybe you are having problems with the cardiovascular system, low blood pressure, and heartburn disruption.

Also, enlarged lunulae are way more common with Athletes and anyone whose career depends on doing a lot of physical activity. So if you are not one of these people, then your large lunulae could be a sign of high-level stress.