The Most Dangerous Tech Habits You Need to Stop Now

#1 – Sleeping with your smartphone


Sleeping with your smartphone© Pinterest

Stop putting your phone beneath the pillow! Cell phone users are recommended to minimize their exposure to the radio frequency energy produced by phones. In fact, long-term, excessive use of smartphones might be associated with some types of cancer as well as other serious health problems.

Even though extended research is needed, it’s best to keep your phone away by using Bluetooth headsets and carrying your phone in a purse/backpack. In case you need to keep your cellphone beside you for some reason, make sure to turn airplane mode on.

#2 – Using a dirty cellphone

Using a dirty cellphone© Pexels

Your smartphone gets filthy faster than you may think. Basically, you don’t stop touching it and placing it on different dirty surfaces throughout the day, which leads all types of particles to deposit on the device, filling it with germs you certainly don’t want to touch.

So you shouldn’t be surprised if you started noticing patterns of acne or blackheads on your cheeks due to answering calls. Every time you press the phone to answer a call, you also press dirt and oils against your face, increasing the risk of getting acne.

To avoid damaging your skin, use earphones or put calls on speaker and make sure to wipe down your phone every day.