6 Things You Need to Stop Buying from the Health Store

#1 – Essential Oils


Essential Oils© Organixx

Essential oils are just great and we love using them in DIY beauty products and homemade cleaners. However, the natural aspect is not enough to make essential oils completely safe to use and consume. In fact, if used incorrectly, these oils can cause serious skin irritation and even intoxicate organs.

Essential oils can also be extremely harmful to kids and pets if they somehow managed to ingest them. To prevent any dreadful accidents, make sure to dilute oils and keep them out of reach and sight of the little ones.

#2 – Ear Candles

Ear Candles© The Sun

Ear candles might sound like an interesting idea, but you may want to think it twice.

First, let’s see how ear candling works. They place a tapered candle in the ear and then light it from the top end. It is said that as the candle burns, it produces a suction that eliminates wax trapped deep within the ear.

But the truth about the use of these candles is that they don’t actually get rid of any wax and can even cause severe injury. You might get your eardrum punctured, candle wax melted in your ear, severe burns, or end up pushing earwax deeper within your ear.