5 Scary Things Migraine Can Do To Your Body

Migraine is one of the most common health issues today. It is basically a medical condition which is characterized by experiencing several headaches with severe accompanying pains.

As a matter of fact, the majority of migraine sufferers are exposed to unbearable headaches, but there are large shares of people who experience other symptoms. If you are to ask about what can cause headaches resulting from migraine, then there are plenty of contributing factors.

According to experts, it is hard to limit such factors, but they are mostly classified into four categories. Family history is one factor, which makes migraine a hereditary issue.

Additionally, age and gender are two other factors, in the sense that adolescents are more prone to migraine, which spikes in the 30s.

As for gender, females are more likely to get migraine than men mostly because of hormonal changes, which are the 4th factor. As you are aware now of the causing factors, let us introduce you to the migraine effects!

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