Protein Shake Before or After Workout?

A connected chain of amino acids formed protein. Proteins are essential for one’s body to maintain and repair damages to its muscles, People can get the protein by having solid food, but in today’s world where everyone is so busy with their usual task and it is not so easy to fulfill the amount of protein need by the body by only having the solid foods.

Here protein shakes come in to play which can complete the need of protein into your body, Protein shakes are not only available in bodybuilding shops but also in grocery shops and health food concern. Protein is needed to repair and building cells, enzymes, immune system and nucleic acids.

Protein Timing

Protein timing is a term usually used by the body builders which said that to get the bigger and stronger muscles you should have your protein shake within an hour to fuel up your muscle growth, since while working out the amino acid increases and delivery to muscles and also enhance the absorption. There is a long delivery of speech at what should be the best protein timing before or after the work out.

It is not easy to get the answer for the best timing of for protein shakes. Having protein shake will offer assured benefits for both pre or post workout. Pre workout protein shake will give you the energy throughout the session while post workout protein will help to accelerate the recovery. It is totally depends on what you desire to get.

Pre Workout

Anyone can have the protein shake 2-4 hours before workout (not just before starting it, it may result in uneasiness) which also can help for fat loss because the glycogen level is low at the time and it can help burning fats.

A study by Tipton et al. (2001) done in which the comparison of the consumption of Protein shake (amino acid and carbohydrate beverage) before and after the workout. The study showed the result in favor of pre workout drinking shake which suggest that the consumption of essential amount of Protein shake make a good impact rather than the same amount of shake consumed after workout.

Post Workout

After the workout the intense contraction of the muscle result in having micro tears in the muscle, the protein shake can be the best after the workout session to makeup those muscle parts. The time taken by the solid food to digest and split into proteins and other carbohydrates are much higher than that of indigestion or protein shake which only take around 30 minutes to get to the muscle after drinking.

According to the research by nutrition researcher Jeffrey Volek, Ph.D. there is a time duration mentioned in most places with the name of Anabolic Window which says it is best to have the protein shake in under 30 minutes after work out.


Amount of Protein

There is one more thing which need to be consider is the type of workout you are going to do and it determines whether you need the protein shake or not. If someone working out with high intensity exercises or power including workouts then it should have to take protein shakes. The least amount of protein that is necessary for building muscle approximate is around 150 grams is someone weighs around 150 pounds (68 kg). Further amount of Protein shake will only speed up the healing process.

Protein timing does not matter much but balanced diet do which need to fulfill ones nutritional needs. Because whatever you intake in a day usually impact on the weight loss or growth of muscle. For muscle growth an average adult has to consume around 20-25g of protein at least 4 times a day with around 3 hours gap. It also helps to lose weight because protein you take will keep you away from eating more.

There is no need to neither compel nor need to have protein shake under 30 minutes (anabolic window) every time after the workout unless you really feel hungry. According to Jeffrey Volek, Ph.D. the nutritious researcher said it’s better to have the half of the protein before the workout and half after the workout with 30 minutes gap in both pre workout and post workout.


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