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5 Scientific Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

In every household, morning time is very rushes naturally as the clock tick – tick for natural necessities. Mostly students and professionals pack up their bags and go towards door to reach at their destinations

by just taking one cup of tea and a slice rarely. They describe several reasons behind the skipping of their breakfast and leaving it mostly.Sometimes people don’t eat breakfast for calorie savings and only eat something when you are hungry. But this concept is wrong. When a reasonable and healthy breakfast is going to eat in the morning

then it regulates the level of blood sugar impressively. In case of not eating breakfast in the morning, results in the whole day empty stomach very quickly.

Everyone should keep in mind that there are several negative health impacts on the body in case of skipping breakfast. Some important reasons are as below:

5. Higher risk of diabetes


Many health experts have proved with evidence that there is a direct relation between diabetes and skipping breakfast.

Skipping breakfast increases the risk of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is spreading in the world just because of breakfast issue.

4. Impact of Heart Health


Harvard School of Public Health has published a report about skipping the breakfast that it can increase the coronary heart disease by 27 % very seriously just because of not taking breakfast regularly.

For this purpose, an experiment was take place by examining the health of 16 years’ boys. 26,000 participants were there for this experiment, and a significant link could show about the skipping habit of breakfast in the results.

It was found that the rate of heart attack and death from cardiac problem was occurred in those frequently, who were not taking the breakfast regularly.

3. Healthy breakfast to stay away from junk foods


Although, eating any sort of breakfast is very helpful to feel less hungry for whole day but in case of taking high protein breakfast, there comes numerous benefits for whole day.

Atlantic published an interesting report by revealing that people who are used to eat rich protein foods (like eggs, yogurt, meat) in breakfast, have less attraction towards fatty and junk foods on the same day.

A type of special electronic test has also proved that brain remains less active in case of non – healthy breakfast habit.

2. Breakfast leads an active life


Physical energy is on boost for those ones who eat healthy breakfast regularly. This physical energy leads towards the habit of more exercise for whole day.

Some scientists, living in England have proved that regular eating habit of breakfast releases active signals to the blood that there is much availability of energy.

This available energy motivates the people to live more actively. These advantages show that nobody should skip breakfast at any cost.

1. Breakfast is helpful to concentrate on work impressively


Many schools offer breakfast to their students because of an important reason. Many health – experts and nutritionists have been concentrating upon the adoption of regular breakfast taking for years.

They also force on breakfast agreement with the patients to take meal every day in the morning. Professional people, working at different places need concentration to work efficiently to keep going their job for whole life.

If someone is not interested in taking breakfast, then he must face the negative behaviors of his boss, which is actually because of lack concentration at work.Breakfast impacts the regular efficiency of work in different ways. It is commonly known that the level of blood sugar goes down after mid night.

When we eat healthy breakfast then the grains, vitamins, proteins and fiber, which are present in the breakfast; increase the blood glucose steadily for a sustaining life. This balanced blood sugar level helps the brain to perform well for whole day efficiently.


When we take care of ourselves then it becomes a matter of clear and justifiably as our priority. Pre planning for an excellent day needs a healthy breakfast at all, which should not be skipped at any cost. Take care of your family for taking rich protein, calcium and fiber breakfast to stay healthy for whole life.


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