8 Unexpected Signs Of Dangerous Diseases You Need To Pay Attention To

Your body is constantly sending you signs trying to inform you that something is going wrong inside, but unfortunately, you tend to neglect these signs and take them for granted until it is too late and you end up struggling with serious health issues!

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Your health is your greatest wealth and taking good care of it should be your priority. So, apart from following a healthy diet and regularly exercising, it is also important to pay more attention to the changes occurring on your body no matter how small or harmless they might seem.

This way, you can increase your chances of identifying any potential serious diseases and eliminate them at an early stage. Here are 10 common signs you should never neglect!

8 Unexpected Signs Of Dangerous Diseases You Need To Pay Attention To© Pinterest

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#1 – In A Photo Taken With A Flash, Only One Eye Is Red

In A Photo Taken With A Flash, Only One Eye Is Red© depositphotos

We can understand the frustration that you might experience when you find out that your eyes are red in the most beautiful photo you took at your bestie’s wedding! While this is very common, but finding a picture where one eye is red and the other is white should raise your concern!

This could indicate that something like an eye infection, walleye, cater, or even eye cancer is blocking the vessels. If you can relate, don’t think twice, call your doctor, and make an appointment.

#2 – A Black Line On A Nail

A Black Line On A Nail© Mumsnet

If you noticed a vertical black line on one of your nails, don’t ignore it! Instead, seek your doctor’s help as this might be a sign of skin cancer. In fact, a master manicurist posted a picture on Facebook of one of her clients that has a black line on her nail.

The client wanted to cover it with nail polish but the manicurist sent her to a clinic where she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

This black line is actually known as melanonychia that reveals a serious ailment in the body. Hence, it shouldn’t be neglected. Still, keep in mind that for other non-European races, this vertical black line could mean nothing at all!

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#3 – A Sudden Change In Handwriting

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A Sudden Change In Handwriting© BrightSide

Yes, you read it right! Sudden changes in your handwriting can be a sign of serious issues like Parkinson’s disease or tremor paralysis. These two diseases cause tremor and patients might find themselves making more efforts to control their shaking hands, which in return result in uneven, small, and disappearing letters.

#4 – A Sudden Need To Write Down Everything In A Journal

A Sudden Need To Write Down Everything In A Journal© Depositphotos

Many people have their own journal in which they write down their short and long term plans on a daily basis. They do it because they enjoy organizing their thoughts and plans.

But feeling the need to do the same due to forgetfulness issues is something you should worry about! This can indicate serious diseases like short-term memory, or even worse, one of the early signs of Alzheimer.

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#5 – Periodical Flashes Of Light

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Periodical Flashes Of Light© BrightSide

You might think that experiencing periodical flashes of light in places and moments they shouldn’t be is quite normal but the truth is they are not! In fact, experiencing this quite often may indicate eye retina damage especially if those flashes come with headaches or dizziness.

In case you have this issue, don’t hesitate to see a doctor soon!

#6 – Unquenchable Thirst

Unquenchable Thirst© BrightSide

Drinking enough water during the day is extremely important but drinking too much and feeling that your thirst is unquenchable might be something you should worry about! Excessive thirst might occur due to many factors starting from a hangover to tumors poisoning in the body and more.

Diabetes is also one of the most common diseases that can cause unquenchable thirst! Therefore, it is important that you call your doctor and see what’s the real reason behind this.

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#7 – Pain In The Navel Area

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Pain In The Navel Area© Depositphotos

Experiencing a sharp pain at the level of the appendix is one of the things that you shouldn’t ignore. While scientists still can’t tell the true reasons that can cause this disease, they believe that each and every person can develop it due to different reasons.

Still, there are some symptoms that you should watch including a sharp pain in the navel area that might last from 2 to 4 hours and moves slowly do the right side of the tummy.

The most important thing is that you should immediately call the ambulance when you experience something like this even if the pain calms. The pain might sometimes calm down to come back even stronger like a storm. This is known as peritonitis, a deadly complication of appendicitis.

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#8 – Bloated abdomen

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Bloated abdomen© Times of India

Abdominal bloating is a very common issue that so many people struggle with. It occurs due to different factors including dehydration, stress, and overeating. We all know how uncomfortable and annoying these issues can be.

Sometimes it can be even painful and might reveal some hidden issues like constipation and small bowel bacteria growth. In this case, you can easily put an end to the issue by cutting back on things that lead you to experience the issue.

In many other cases, bloating may indicate more serious issues like celiac diseases, dumping syndrome, and ovarian cancer. This means any sudden changes in your bowel habits along with unexplained weight loss or bumps under the stomach must be taken into consideration!

In brief, you’d better be safe and sound than sorry!

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