8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Sleeping with Wet Hair

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Last Updated on December 22, 2020

Most people take a shower at night before going to bed because that is when they have more free time after doing all the household chores or at the end of bedding the children. If that is your case, you know that these busy days are very complicated, exhausting, and long.
However, lying down with wet hair can bring you numerous health problems if you don’t stop doing it right away. Why should you stop sleeping with wet hair? That’s what we’re going to show you next when we present to you the 8 main reasons why you should stop sleeping with wet hair. These are fundamental hygiene care that you must follow to the letter so as not to compromise the health of your hair.

1. Feel Like Scratching Your Head? It Is An Effect Of Scalp Irritation!

Do you get a huge urge to scratch your head after taking a shower at night? This is one of the most obvious signs that you have an irritated scalp. It is a very unpleasant feeling because you are always in the mood to scratch your scalp – and the more it itches, the more you want to scratch it. Usually, people associate this need to scratch the scalp with the shampoo they are using, but the reason that explains why you want to scratch is related to lying down with wet hair. So, for this to not happen, you should always have dry hair before lying in bed, as this is the only way to maintain a healthy scalp and not have the itch or desire to scratch your head at night.

2. Appearance of Dandruff

Dandruff is a hair problem that affects thousands of people around the world, and most of them are unaware of its origin. The truth is that several reasons explain the appearance of dandruff, but one of the most common is when people lie down immediately after bathing and with wet hair. The heat emanating from the head and the humidity of the hair strands cause multiplication of skin bacteria on your scalp and on the pillow where you lay your head to rest. Thus, it should be noted that the proliferation of bacteria and fungi and the loss of natural hair oils leads to the appearance of dandruff. And nobody wants it to start snowing out of your head!

3. Loss of Capillary Volume

One of the bad habits that lying with wet hair causes is related to the loss of capillary volume. And for people who have thinning hair, it is even worse. Fragile and delicate hair breaks more easily if they are wet, and this leads to an irreversible loss of hair and capillary volume. Many women use hair extensions to disguise these hair weaknesses that, in the medium / long term, lead to hair loss.

4. Hair Full of Knots? No, Thank You!

This is one of the main reasons for never sleep with wet hair: the knots in the hair. The truth is that if you lie down with wet hair, it is natural that you wake up in the morning with hair full of knots as if it were a ball of wool without ends. The wet hair strands are too fragile, and if you don’t use the blow dryer to dry them before going to bed, they will be broken and embarrassed during the night. Nobody wants to keep their hair like that because you know it can take years to get the hair you always dreamed of, but just a matter of minutes to shed everything.

5. Headaches – Many Headaches!

Does sleeping with wet hair cause headaches? Yes, it does. This is because wet hair strands decrease body temperature, and this thermal variation causes headaches as the body tries to warm up. It is a kind of internal conflict, in which the organism tries to heat an area that is and that will remain cold. Also, don’t think that putting a towel wrapped around your head (as you see on movie screens) makes you have healthy hair. On the contrary, you will experience headaches throughout the night that may cause insomnia or other sleep disturbances. In this particular situation, the next day can be quite painful for you.

6. Completely Spoiled and Damaged Hair

If you are one of those people who have unbelievably combed and straight hair, it will disappear quickly if you lie down with wet hair. And you don’t have to wait long, wait one night for that to happen. This is because damp hair creates huge friction when you lay your head on the pillowcase, making you have frizzy hair. And the fact that washing your hair with too hot water, among many other reasons, is one of the causes of frizzy hair. There is no point in overloading your hair with the application of anti-frizz products, as it is preferable to spend 5 minutes drying your hair – and stretching it if necessary, rather than lying down and damaging it.

7. Split Ends – The Hair Nightmare!

The split ends, also known as loose ends, are the hair nightmare and appear when, for example, you lie down with wet hair. And the worst thing is that afterward, there is no turning back because the hair is so fragile that not even the best shampoo in the world can fix them. The only solution is to cut these hair tips, so that hair growth is stronger and healthier.

8. Skin Problems and Irritations

Sleeping with wet hair not only hurts the scalp, but it also causes skin problems, headaches (as mentioned above), sore throat, and weaknesses in the immune system. The variation in temperatures makes you have your defenses down. It is more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu, getting a skin irritation or an allergy, and, especially, having a bad night. And there is no point in taking so many risks and harming your capillary health and healthy skin. Always use the most suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair, dry it with a hairdryer before bedtime, and stretch it if necessary and everything you need to make sure your hair is always in great condition. These are the 8 main reasons why you should stop sleeping with wet hair and that you should avoid as much as possible. Only then will you be able to keep your hair always slim and shiny, and this will be reflected in your look, self-esteem, and confidence. Do not neglect the health of your hair and always be at your best and up to all circumstances.


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