7 Weird Stress Symptoms You (Probably) Don´t Know!

Last Updated on January 1, 2021

Everyone knows that stress – the number one enemy of modern times, can cause physical and psychological symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, hair loss, muscle tension, and many other common symptoms. And they all lead to the appearance of numerous health problems, such as heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, depression, and many other diseases.

However, there are other stranger signs of stress that you probably don’t know about that also affect your physical and mental health. Find out what they are when you meet the 7 weird symptoms of stress that you (probably) don´t know!

1. Life Feels like A Roller Coaster of Emotions

When a person has an active and hectic life, their emotional life can seem like a roller coaster of emotions because everything can appear to be okay at a given moment but afterward, everything is wrong with something minimal that has happened. And it can cause mood swings and even breathing problems, which makes you feel overwhelmed. This is called a flood of feelings.

As they say, the person goes quickly from 8 to 80 and that is something that does not do well to their psychological health. In this specific case, it is necessary for you to do effective stress management so that stress itself cannot overcome it. The secret is to stay focused on the present moment so as not to promote the brain fog and not to panic.

2. Feeling Frozen In the Most Difficult Situations

The truth is that when a person is more stressed, they tend to feel paralyzed in the most difficult situations and in which they need to take any action or decision.

Even if they want to have a strong and assertive response, they may be immobilized with fear and unable to react. In this specific case, it is natural for them to experience difficulty breathing, a feeling of physical rigidity and mental blockage.

This feeling of freezing and the lack of response that can originate is also frequent when people are left with that sense of helplessness. And it happens often because of age – when a child gets scolded and doesn’t know how to deal with it; and the state of mind itself – when you receive shocking news that a close relative has passed away, for example.

These heavy emotions are very difficult to deal with and if you walk under stress and burnout it is even worse for you since you will be even more stressed.

3. Binge Eating

The act of taking refuge in food and eating all kinds of junk food, such as hamburgers, pizzas, soft drinks, among other sugary foods, is an emotional response from those who do not want to face their intense emotions, responsibilities and, above all, everyday stressful situations.

This lack of balance in food indicates that the person finds pleasure and comfort in eating food, which brings them numerous problems associated with weight gain and other health risks.

And the person starts to eat more just to escape and to avoid their real problems. And in all of them, there is a common denominator: stress and anxiety. So, get rid of these feelings as soon as possible for the sake of your physical and mental health.

4. Heavy Eyes

Do you feel that your eyes get very heavy throughout the day? And, most of the time, do you just feel like stopping what you are doing for 5 minutes to take a nap?

This is a sign that you are simply exhausted and that this fatigue in performing the most varied tasks is related to chronic stress.

Most of the time, this stress fatigue is camouflaged by a bad night’s sleep or by the lack of patience to deal with children, among many other valid reasons to relieve stress.

But, don’t fool yourself because the real culprit of that physical tiredness and emotional behavior that you are feeling and that is weighing on your eyes is stress.

5. Constantly Feeling Weak

When a certain stressful situation gives you a feeling of nausea and blurred vision, chances are your body will want to shut down and you will feel weak. It is a way for your body to communicate with you and say that it needs to stop in order to recover, otherwise it will need to stop anyway (and it is not for good reasons).

These episodes of stress can evolve to a clinical picture of post-traumatic stress and usually need professional therapy to be properly monitored and treated. Do not facilitate and consult your family doctor if you see yourself at this point so that they will help you or refer you to the most appropriate treatment.

6. Aches and Pains

Have you ever woken up full of body aches without really knowing why? As if you had run a marathon the previous day or done two hours of intense exercise in the gym?

This may be a sign that you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, that you are not exercising regularly or that you are neglecting your diet. But it can also be an obvious sign that stress is taking its toll.

How to control stress? You have to exercise regularly, have a healthy and balanced diet and not spend too much time sitting or lying on the couch. You should also be aware that body pain can sometimes continue. If so, you should speak to your doctor so that together they can find the best therapy for this problem.

7. The Habit of Teeth-Clenching

One of the unusual signs of stress is when you get into the habit of gritting your teeth. Clenched teeth are associated with the emotional instability that stress episodes cause in a person. And, like clenching your fist or squinting, people clench their teeth violently, as if this were a warlike reaction to effectively combat the harmful effects of stress.

This adrenaline rush on the teeth can cause headaches, jaw pain, expression lines on the face and even gum problems. In order for this not to happen and for you to know how to manage stress, it is necessary that you consult your dentist to help you fight this problem.

They will be the most suitable professional to help you solve this dental problem, but in relation to the stress that causes the situation, only you will be able to discover and resolve it.

Those were the 7 weird symptoms of stress that you were probably unaware of. So, beat them before they beat you!


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