7 Things About Glasses Your Ophthalmologist Won’t Tell You!

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

Eye glasses are, perhaps, the most important accessories for those who have eye problems and need to see better. There are people who have used glasses since childhood, and others who have only started using them after reaching their middle age.

Ey glasses are prescribed by ophthalmologists and may be mandatory for those who have eye diseases, or for occasional use for those who only need reading glasses. Stiil, their purpose is the same: to take care of your eye health.

However, there are things that a lot of people don’t know about glasses and that your ophthalmologist may not be telling you. Find out about the 7 glasses-related secrets that your ophthalmologist won’t tell you!

1. Pharmacy Reading Glasses Are Very Effective

You have certainly heard that reading glasses that are available at pharmacies can cause some kind of eye damage. However, the truth is that they are not that bad nor do they bring problems in your vision. They are even quite effective for those who have trouble reading smaller fonts.

This is because the reading glasses that are available at pharmacies are equipped with low magnification lenses (a type of magnifying glass) and these help your eyes become more focused, with clearer vision.

2. Everyone Will Wear Glasses at Some Point

Our senses begin to lose their sharpness as age advances and the eyes – some of the most important organs in the human body – are no exception.
This is because you may start to have difficulty seeing those smaller letters on the restaurant menu (presbyopia) or even that distant person that you cannot recognize.

In other words, the older you get, the more chances are that you will have vision difficulties. Hence, the importance of getting good health insurance to cover for the expenses increases.

Cases of loss of near vision are more visible because they can be seen more easily in day-to-day activities, such as when you cannot see perfectly the letters on a newspaper or the subtitles of a movie, among other examples. When this time comes, you need to do eye exams and wear good reading glasses to help your vision stay sharp.

3. Second Sight Can Prevent the Use of Reading Glasses

Wearing glasses does not allow you to correct your vision and stop wearing glasses forever – this is only possible through surgery. But, there is a phenomenon known as the second sight that prevents you from wearing reading glasses.

When the natural lenses become thicker, the eyes end up becoming more myopic and this makes people have a better view at close range without having to wear glasses. However, this happens only in the short term because the cataract is always evolving and can reach the point of operating.

4. Reading Glasses Should Not Have Scratched Lenses

A scratch on the lens is not nearly as insignificant as you might think. Despite the blurry vision, you may be able to see through it, but you will be straining your eyes, which will make your vision more tired or lazy. Nobody wants to have dirty spectacle lenses, do they? The same goes for scratched lenses which is why you should buy a new pair of lenses for your glasses if that happens.

Tip: To avoid scratching the glasses, it is recommended that you never leave the glasses facing down. The surface where you place them can be dirty with dust or other sediment and they can scratch the lenses of your glasses very easily.

– New Eyeglass Lenses Require New Frames

There are frames for glasses of various brands and for all tastes, shapes … and wallets because many of them are quite expensive. People end up attaching themselves to the eyeglass frames because they are from a popular brand or because they are simply more expensive, but the same is no longer the case with lenses.

The truth is that if you need to change lenses, you will also need to change frames – it is likely that new lenses will not fit on old frames due to the fact that they have different cuts. The plastic will need to be heated to do this adaptation work and can break at any time.

– Eyeglass Lenses Are Not Truly Made Of Glass

Eyeglass lenses are not made of glass because glass is an extremely delicate and easily broken material. Just put your glasses on the bedside table more abruptly at bedtime for the lenses to break and you will be left with hundreds of dollars of damage.

In addition, wearing glasses with glass lenses is very dangerous for eye health. Imagine that the glass lens broke and the small fragments entered the eyes directly. Can you imagine the eyesight problems? That is why plastic is the most used material in the construction of spectacle lenses since it is the safest.

5. Buying Glasses Online Is Cheaper Than At Specialty Stores

Buying glasses online ends up bringing more price benefits to users than buying glasses at traditional eyeglass stores. This is because there are no commissions, maintenance costs and other types of operating costs with the chosen lenses and frames.

It is essential to know what your eyeglass prescription is (simpler or more complex) and search for the best specimens and materials. In more complex prescriptions, you may need to purchase bifocal lenses or even progressive lenses, among other types of lenses for your eyesight correction.

6. Glasses with Extras? Sure!

Like watches, cars or other luxury items that are part of our daily lives, glasses also come with extras that are worthwhile in order to avoid eye fatigue. It is the same case with transition lenses that value this very peculiar object and protect your eyes without the need for sunglasses. They offer numerous benefits, such as:

– They block UV rays, namely UVA rays and UVB rays.

– They prevent the intense brightness of the most luminous objects for sensitive eyes.

– They filter the blue light from the screens of smartphones and laptops.

– They protect against LED and fluorescent lights and the lights that come from electronic devices.

– They automatically adapt to the light intensity of some internal and external spaces.

7. The Prescription Changes In A Short Time

The eyes are constantly changing and the prescription that makes sense today does not mean that tomorrow is the most effective solution for you. There are eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts and even diabetes that can force you to change your prescription.

Consult your eye doctor once a year for an eye test. Only then will you be able to assess whether the prescription you are using is being effective for your eye health. Don’t let things go by themselves because your eye health depends on it.

Now that you know how to keep your eyes safe, don’t forget the importance of glasses and the most suitable prescription for carrying out everyday tasks. Regardless of the things that your ophthalmologist may hide from you, vision is one of the most important human senses, so take care of it.


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