5 Popular Snacks that Will Make Your Kids Develop Cancer

Your child is digesting toxins without realizing it, probably every day, from these delicious snacks.
These most popular 5 snacks that you, too, buy for your kids have been linked to cancer and many other serious diseases.

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5. Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts contain tert-Butylhydroquinone or TBHQ, which is an antioxidant preservative.

As reported by the Toxicology Data Network, TBHQ has been linked to liver enlargement, vision loss, convulsions, tumors, and paralysis in laboratory animals.

4. M&M’s


M&M’s contain:
Blue 1 or Brilliant Blue FCF, which can trigger the growth of malignant tumors.

Blue 2 or Indigo Carmine, which has been linked to brain tumors and can boost hyperactivity.

Red 40 or Allura Red AC, which has damaging effects on DNA. Moreover, a few studies have proven a possible link between Red 40 and damage to colon DNA in laboratory animals.

Yellow 5 (Tartrazine) and Yellow 6 (Sunset Yellow FCF) which have been associated with cancer.

3. Fruit Flavored Snacks

Fruit Flavored Snacks

The food color often used in these ‘fruit’ flavored snacks is Red 3 or Erythrosine, which has been linked to thyroid tumors and is banned for use in cosmetics.

If it’s unsafe to use on your skin, how can feeding them to your children be safe?

2. Cheetos


The artificial coloring in this snack is made from yellow 6, which is a derivative of petroleum, and the ‘cheese’ flavoring which contains both methyl benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate.

Methyl benzoate is considered by the Toxicology Data Network as mildly toxic when ingested in high concentration levels.

1. Teddy Grahams

Teddy Grahams

These crackers are laced with TBHQ, which has been shown to cause stomach cancer in lab rats, fragment DNA and cause damage to the human lung and umbilical cells.

In children, it can also cause anxiety, restlessness, and intensify the symptoms of ADHD.

Our children’s health matter! Please share this with other parents.


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