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The 30 Best Shoulder Exercises Of All Time

The shoulder is an integral part of the body and as such should be exercised for all-around physical fitness. Here are the best shoulder exercises to build your shoulder physically. It impacts on the overall body physics.

#1 – Reverse Cable Fly

This exercise is targeted at the deltoid muscle. It helps to make the shoulder turgid. This is good if you want your T-Shirt filled out.

#2 – Lateral Dumbbell Raise

It is targeted at the rear deltoids. It can be done while seated or standing. You lift a dumbbell in each hand and rise up your hands.

#3 – Trap Raise

Rest on an incline bench holding a dumbbell in both hands. Raise both hands vertically to 90 degrees

#4 – Shoulder Seated Barbell Press

This press is challenging and hard but the end result on your shoulders shows it worth it. Here you lift the barbell while seated.

#5 – High Pull

Hand on the bar in front of you and rise to your upper chest level

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#6 – Dip

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Putting your palms on a chair, you go down on a sitting position and make a suspension. You pull up and down. This helps to twist the shoulders and makes it strong.

#7 – Push Press

Push Press
It is the power house. It makes the shoulder gain toughness and focus.

#8 – Bent Dumbbell Raise

This is done with both arms, lifting the dumbbell at the same momentum. This helps to put pressure on the rear delts that carry the load. It is very versatile.

#9 – One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

This impact greatly on the middle deltoids of the shoulders. The shoulder muscle is strengthened by its targeted mass.

#10 – Standing Dumbbell Fly

You stand with your two legs and arms apart. You then lift the dumbbell to your chest level at 45 degrees. This attack the targeted areas with direct impacts.

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#11 – Barbell Seated Shoulder press

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This helps to get ban door shoulders. The targeted areas are the middle rear deltoids and anterior.

#12 – Face Pull

This helps to incorporate the middle trap. It helps the shoulders muscle growth.

#13 – Smith-Machine Wide-grip

It engages the rear belts also helps to reduce stress on the shoulder.

#14 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press

You lift you’re the dumbbell above your head while sitting. Relax fully before you start. You can do six (6) sets 8,8,10,12,14,16 reps with 2.3 minutes rest.

#15 – Upright Barbell Row

You stand straight in front of your Barbell then bent down and lift up your chest level. You can do four (4) sets, 6, 6, 8, 10 reps with 2.1 minutes rest. This will give the shoulder strength.

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#16 – Bent Over Seated Delt Raise

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This exercise is done by bending over and raising the dumbbell in a horizontal position swaying the shoulders sideways. This helps to improve the shoulders muscles.

#17 – Side Lateral Raise

The bell is lifted up and bent to the ear level while standing upright.

#18 – Over Head Barbell Raise

The barbell is lifted above the head doing four (4) sets 6, 8, 10, 12 reps with 1.5 minutes of rest.

#19 – Lateral Plank Walk

On the pushup position, put your left hand on your right hand, and then spread the legs apart.

#20 – One-Arm Side Laterals

The dumbbell is lifted with only one arm doing four (4) sets of 10 reps with 1-minute rest. This exercise helps the shoulder to be turgid.

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#21 – Behind Neck Barbell Press

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This supports the rear delt growth of the shoulders. The barbell is lifted above the head and bent to the back shoulder. Six (6) sets 10 reps with three (3) minutes rest.

#22 – Reverse Machine Fly

This exercise focuses on the rear of the shoulders giving it strength and masculinity.

#23 – Arnold Dumbbell press

This helps in the development of the front side shoulders. While seated, the hands are kept close to the ribs and the dumbbell lifted forward.

#24 – Push up

You rest your foot on a bench with your hands; you go down in a press up manner.

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#25 – Suspension Raise

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Hold the band with both hands spread apart and lean backward to 45 degrees.

#26 – Suspension Rear-Delt Raise

Hold the handles and make the length short. Stretch out your arms. This will squeeze your shoulder a little.

#27 – Hindu Pushup

Taking the press up position, raise your head with your hands taking the weight of your body. Lean up and hold for forty-five seconds.

#28 – Clean And Press

With both feet on the mat, bend over and hold the bar, then lift up above your head standing straight.

#29 – Snatch Grip Pull

Reach out to the bar and lift upward to your shoulder level, pushing the chest up. This will make the shoulder muscle to contract evenly.

#30 – Band Front Raise

Step on the bands and hold the ends, then pull up standing straight.

The above shoulder exercises will greatly improve our shoulders in strength and enhance our physical appearance. It should be done often for better results.

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