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7 Ideas To Stay FIT At Work

While doing job, it is not possible for everyone to go for walk or run for exercise. Health issues may occur if someone is sitting too long at his seat during work.

Secondly, it does not look appropriate if you leave the office for exercise for staying fit and healthy. Health experts have found many ways to deal with this issue by giving ideas to stay fit at work.

7 great ideas to stay fit at work as below:

1. Tapping the feet


“Tap the feet” exercise can be done without standing up and also can be done during work. To do it, few steps are required:

  • Place the feet on the floor and quickly start to tap them
  • The tapping of feet should be like that someone is running at the spot
  • This exercise can be done slowly and the speed can be increased slowly

During this exercise, you can feel the heart rate speed in increase. This increase results in blood circulation in the body and the muscles of legs are get healthy day by day.Because this exercise creates noise, so the carpeted floor is best for it.

2. The praying position exercise


This exercise is best for arms health and can be done everywhere. nobody can bore during the office timing or boring hours of the work, if someone practices it regularly. To do this exercise, these steps are required:

  • Sit up straightly on your feet in flat form on the floor
  • Bring the palms of both hands closer in the front of chest
  • The position of both arms should like that someone is praying for something from God
  • Push both hands together very hardly
  • There should be feelings of muscles during the praying style
  • After holding both arms for 10 – 20 seconds, release the sigh
  • Repeat this exercise again and again

This exercise is very good for arms muscles and blood circulation in both hands to shoulders.

3. Stretching the shoulders


Shoulder stretching exercise is very beneficial for computer users for whole day. There is a very easy way to stretch the shoulders (as an exercise) during work, such as:

  • Raising both shoulders upwards like shrugging and remain in this position for a few seconds
  • After raising the shoulders, release sigh and repeat this procedure again and again for 15 minutes
  • Another way of stretching the shoulder is to rolling back them until the shoulder blades could touch each other. Repeat it for several times

Regular computer users should do this exercise daily for muscles stretching

4. Elbow to knee exercise


This exercise is very easy to do while typing or working in the office, even it can become more east to do while reading from the computer screen. These steps are required to practice:

  • Sit on the chair in straight form and place both hands on the sides of head. While placing hands on the head, bring each elbow towards the knees in opposite sides.
  • Keep continue this practice again and again repeatedly.

If there are no evil / jealous co – workers in the office, then it is a good exercise for health and fitness.

5. Wall Sit exercise


This exercise can be done while standing up on the floor. If the wall behind the office desk is straight, then it is a good opportunity to live fit and healthy or find any other wall to do this exercise anywhere else in the office. These steps are needed to do this exercise:

  • Sit on the chair by leaning the back towards the wall. Feet should be placed away from the wall and knees should bend while sitting by keeping the buttocks in the air.
  • Repeat this exercise again and again for better results.

During this exercise, official works cannot be done.

6. Hip Flexion


This is a perfect exercise to do while working in the office, because it keeps the hands completely free. Keep the knees straight at 90 degrees by sitting on the chair for few seconds and also raise the feet from the floor for better results.

7. Squeezing


Sometimes it becomes and embracing exercise in front of others, so do it alone. Squeeze the muscle which are tiresome or hurt during work for a few minutes for relaxation. The results are great for health.


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