Here Are The 8 Destructive Foods For Your Kidneys

Last Updated on November 7, 2019

The human body is seen as one unit with several vital organs that maintain your overall health. If any of these vital organs is hurt in any way naturally or not, death might be awaiting you. Most people don’t question their living style.

This means that they don’t reconsider what they eat, drink or how they behave. All these elements have got demonstrable impact on your overall system (involving all organs). Since your body is regarded as one unit, it is composed of organs which are important and others which are vital.

The vital organs are the ones without which you can die. Your kidneys are one of these organs as well. These around-the-clock workers need to have the necessary nutrients they should process to ensure the good functioning of all bodily processes.

Hence, the kind of diet to follow is likely the one to decide the well-functioning or malfunctioning of your kidneys. Certain foods and drinks should be crossed out of your diet plan. To know more about such foods and drinks, keep reading!


#1 – Red meat

1-Red meat
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Well, red meat fans! We have got bad news for you: red meat is to be avoided, for it can damage your kidneys. It is a well-known fact that red meat is rich in protein which contributes to growing and building muscles.

However, protein can put the kidneys in great trouble, as the organ in question finds difficulty in metabolization. Red meat contains saturated fat and too much of the latter can result in cells named macrophages formed in the kidney tissue.

The outcome is acidic residue build up. The production of uric acid is triggered by purine, which is found in red organic meat. If purine lasts long enough in the kidneys, painful stones are likely to get formed.

#2 – Alcohol

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Many addicts prefer drinking pure alcohol on a daily basis, but others tend to have few glasses of red alcohol with each taken meal. Another share of people prefers their morning coffee-alcohol mixture.

Such people end up mostly in drug and alcohol rehab centers. We believe that this proves the fact that alcohol is a toxin that you consume without the consideration of the consequences. Your kidneys can get damaged due to such a drink.

The filtering of the blood and the functioning of your kidneys and brain undergo massive change. In the worst scenarios, alcohol dehydrates your kidneys.

The latter is in need of water to function, it also deprives other cells in your body from the water. The worse to happen is not ending up in one of those alcohol treatment centers but rather in a coffin.

#3 – Table salt

3-Table salt
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The fluid balance in your body is managed by sodium. In order to have the blood filtered through the kidneys, sodium together with potassium makes sure that your blood is hydrated.

But when you consume almost a bag of salt, that is found in multiple foods that you might eat during the day, the kidneys’ need for water will be more excessive.

Following this, you are likely to experience high blood pressure and be exposed to the destruction of the nephrons, which are the microscopic structures that perform the filtering process.

Apart from the cooking salt, you might be using daily, salt can be detected as an integral ingredient in most of the processed foods. It is, therefore, advisable to stay away from such foods and try to strike a balance between potassium and sodium amounts in your body.

#4 – Caffeine

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The number one drunk liquid is likely high caffeine coffee. It is regarded by many coffee consumers as the ultimate panacea for tiredness and exhaustion. This way, high caffeine drinks are the most commonly consumed beverages.

Some people cannot imagine starting their morning at work without a cup of coffee. If having healthy caffeine drinks is not possible, they turn to caffeine supplements. What matters the most for them is getting their daily caffeine intake.

But the bad news for these folks is that caffeine is just going to make their lives hard. Studies proved that upon the consumption of caffeine, your blood pressure can become higher as well as your blood flow. Your kidneys functioning will be blocked due to dehydration. Particularly, the overconsumption of caffeine can lead to this. There are natural ways and foods to get energy without caffeine.

#5 – Sodas and energy drinks

5-Sodas and energy drinks
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In summer, during days with high temperatures, all that might help you feel cool is a lime soda or Perrier soda. But it seems that such drinks harm your body more than it does good to it.

Sodas and energy drinks taste really good, yet their effects on your body are just not that good. The sugary delicious taste is a toxin on its own right. Mini coke cans, zero calorie energy drinks, and the likes should not be a part of your diet program at all.

The colorings and chemicals found in such beverages can damage your kidneys greatly. The amount of sugar that you consume every time you have a cola can is beyond the needed portion.

The kidneys are, accordingly, forced to excrete these excessive amounts of sugar into the urine. You might think that you are consuming the strongest energy drink, whereas you are killing yourself.

#6 – Artificial sweeteners

6-Artificial sweeteners
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Nobody can drink a cup of coffee or tea without sugar unless they have to upon the doctors’ orders, otherwise, sugar is essentially used as a sweetener.

The artificial kinds which make your soda taste good along with other unhealthy beverages are usually triggering factors of your kidneys’ functional decline.

Sometimes, some beverages might include in their labels things like ‘natural artificial sweeteners are used’, but this is just another way to invite consumers to buy and drink diet drinks, which are slow killers.

Sodas, for instance, include different sweeteners which can affect the functioning of your kidneys negatively. Instead of buying drinks, containing artificial sweeteners, make your own home juices and use the safest sugar substitute which could be honey or cinnamon.

#7 – Dairy products

7-Dairy products
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To get the needed protein and calcium, dairy products are recommended. The story does not end here. Usually, such products are advised as an excellent addition to your healthy dietary system, but again overconsumption can be destructive.

The kidney stones are likely to get formed because of the excess of calcium that needs to be excreted into the urine. We know that it is hard to resist the taste of vegan shredded cheese but think of the resulting outcomes which might hinder the processing of protein waste in your body.

The consumption of non-dairy products or the limiting of the dairy ones can contribute to delaying dialysis. This is a filtering process performed when the kidneys are not able to function properly.

#8 – Non-organic food

8-Non-organic food
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Doctors and nutritionists recommend the consumption of organic salmon, organic kale, organic potatoes, and other organic food products because organic ones are literally toxic.

The pesticide residue found on the skin of non-organic foods cannot be ingested nor tolerated by your system. The body in general and the kidneys, in particular, cannot process the chemicals.

Accordingly, the more non-organic foods you consume, the more chemicals’ build up sets in your body throughout your whole life. The high pesticide residue in your system is one of the factors that contribute to causing chronic kidney disease.

Science failed to identify the link between pesticides and kidney diseases. But what is known for sure is that the consumption of organic stuff is preferred over the consumption of non-organic foods.

These pieces of information might sound confusing, but they are just few hints to guide you to live healthy without damaging your kidneys. Remember that the best thing you can do is consulting your doctor.


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